3 Zombie Survival Steps

August 20, 2006 –
February 26, 2018
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I was bored, and I made it in 2 days.
3 very basic steps on how to survive a zombie outbreak.


you need water or your tongue will become a desert from killing and escaping hordes of zombies!!! XD

hmmm it's okay

But you forgot water XD ... you need that or you die >:\

kinda shabby...

I thought it was going to be a game, good instructions :DD

Now this is the kind of stuff they should let kids watch in school

I dont now if a zombie would grab on to someones hair but it still is helpfull.

Short and sweet (oh and hilarious)

This are very essential instructions. Pay attention to them! Because when my ex-girlfriend tries to finally kill me with a neclear bomb in 2012, the reaction will create zombies which will eat her alive, but will also kill anything living in sight! Now you know, kids!
LOL this was funny! But you didn't include how long you'd survive.

nice music choice, little short but funny as a L4D2 parody.

Brief but funny

It was a bit hard to judge this as there was not really anything that stood out as being particularly good or bad. The best part was probably how you used that awesome public domain music. I swear that thing can go with absolutely anything and make it cool. The weakest points was that there was just not much animation. It was a little hard to understand the major jokes. When I look for zombie stuff, I am eager to look more at things that has a lot of killing or crazy stuff going on or something like that.

one of the rare funny and "inteligent flashs"

Thanks for the great tips dude!

but Don't hide... try to find more survivor or head towards the military!

If your are in your house and you are surrended there is a huge possbility you will die try the mountains.

it was ok but u cant kill a zombie its alredy dead

but at the Zombie Quiz you will have more info at a Zombie outbreak and how to survive.

now i know what to do if zombies attack

That was plain and simple not like all these others that i dont know wat there saying

You could shoot a Zombie anywere but it would take a long time for it to bleed to death.
if its the type thats undead AIM FOR THE HEAD :)

everyone will survive if they attack with that vid!!nice dude!

good it was a vairy eclucational

The most funny zombie themed flash I ever see!

what a great educational movie, i loved it!

The music completely finishes it off, I love it! :'D

I agree with jusmounts, please make more!

lol, it was kinda funny, but i liked it,... good job man :D

It was not just three steps, it was Three Right Funny Steps. a good way to learn :D

PLEASE make more like this, :)

i like it.

i wrote this thing called "101 tips for a zombie attack". ill send em to you if you make a movie out of it.

dont forget to head for high ground

the only reason its funny: cause its true! dude you gotta make more of this.

Dude i tip my hat yto your sense of humor...
This is probably the only not riduculous funny zombie movie.
Make a sequel plz plz plz.

Thanks, now I know what to do because I locked my brother in the basement because he was a zombie and he broke out so ya, I now know what I need just in case if he starts biting people and turning them into zombies. So it's aim for the head, find shelter (a house) board it up, have food, and don't have loose objects such as long hair. Oh look, my brother just came back hahaha, time to die (takes out spoon) , oh and the person who made this movie should also add have a gun, Noooooo stay away!!!

OMG u just saved my life cos my town is being attaced by zombies thank you!!!!!


That was a cool movie:) i love zombies, and i especially love zombie-survival-guide!:D:D

keep up the good zombie-work:D

that was one of the best flashes ever!!
it was funny, educational and had zombies in it!
i no its been mentioned but is it based the zombie survival guide, and have you read world war z by max brooks?

We need more zombie stuff!!.

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Have fune

I enjoyed this! Two days? Good work! Someone already asked, but did you read Max Brook's Zombie Guide? It's really good! Anyhow, back to the review...yes, I liked this a lot! Nothing to complain about from me. Good work! And I hope to review your next one soon!!

lol, hey, just out of curiousity, did you do this out of max brook's books or just from being a zombie fan?

Reviewed by: Xan_pony

(((((((Overall Score: 7
Now I know and now I am sure I wont die. But is the best food realy cookies? Simply - milk gets old after some days and I'm not eating them with water :| )))))

i agree! lol
best well not best but hella good!

Lol, that's was funny. Nice tutorial there, i will follow your zombie survival steps! Hehehe. Cool vid. :-D

I love this! Nice idea, nicely executed. The starving part was great! Not much to complain about... No exceptional graphics, but that wouldn't fit into the style.

I was going home from school today when i saw a bunch of teenagers in my age (16) with less flesh than usual and covered in blood. When i got home they began to knock on my door and my windows, were they Zombies? After seen your movie i ate some food cut my hair bought a bigger and searched the internett for a handgun, but then they ate me : /

you made an AWESOME flash. And in 2 days!

I'll be sure to keep all this information in my mind. Just in case of a zombie attack

Great movie, but make some more steps if you can. Or maybe a movie based around the steps. Or something. I don't know. I just thought this was great, and was disappointed to see it end so quickly. 8 For sound cuz u didn't have the full song.

Small, simple, yet effective. I also liked the interactivity for such a quick, compact package. I reckon you make more of these parody movies. Perhaps tackle more fictional/fantasy topics like this one or maybe even overlooked issues of everyday life. Doesn't really matter a long as its funny as hell like this one. An entire collection would be cool. Hope you do and keep up the good work!

I loved it's simplicity, graphics wise. It looked very neat and professional because of this. It was also pretty damn hilarious! Well done.


This was short but a good laugh and very..educational. I loved the simple but clean graphics.

haha that was awesome. i loved it. keep up the good work

When I hit the Flash portal I often expect to blam...pretty much everything. First off the name, the name got me to check it out I had a feeling it might be funny (Which I was right).
Second the animation was quite humorous, it is not often that you see stick figures that are actually drawn well. It is obvious that you actually care about what you submit to the portal, unlike many others.
The checklist even added a bit of interactivity.

Now in most cases I would not say what can be improved upon, however in this case I can think of nothing. For the style in which this was done no improvement is needed. Good show, simple and funny. Thank you for allowing us to veiw your submission.

All my 5's R belong 2 this

I was slightly worried about zombies attacking until now. I had no idea how to prepare myself, but thanks to this movie I live knowing that I am prepared for a zombie attack. Very useful movie.

(Though step 3 was common knowledge, everyone knows thats how you stop a zombie)

Now I know and now I am sure I wont die. But is the best food realy coockies? Simply - milk gets old after some days and I'm not eating them with water :|

Dude,you need to make another (enter your monster name) survival video!

i shall remember these steps to protect myself when zombies (or my dad on a bad day) attack. i vote 5, i hope it gets protected

I didn't expect too much of this, but it was very good ^_^

this made me giggle

If you think about all the zombie movies, this is very true HAHA very good movie dude...make something else like this, maybe not zombies, but you know. Music made this very funny.


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