S.O.A.P 2 Trailer

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Dicided to make a longer full version because i though f all the stuff i could use. stay tuned

the sound might be off for some reason it was way out of sync when i published it so i had to animated it out of sync to even it out.



Perfect in every aspect of everything ever to exist within this universe.

Very Good

Well this was great.I like the anumation alot, I mean it was USDA approved, and I like the little funny plot, good as well, only minor flaw was that the voices and the mouth was a bit off but it is not that big of a deal. I liked none the less. Snaked on a Plane for life. Great Job!


That was a great spoof of snakes on a plane and i laughed all thoru LOL

A nice parody

~The good~

The graphics in this were awesome, the backgrounds were clear and very well done. The animations of the people were well done, and motion tweening was done very nicely. The voice acting was great too, really got you into the flash.

~The bad~

Well, the idea of Snakes being on a plane is completely irrelevant, this, on the other hand, is a lot less irrelevent, as ants are known to be in picnics. Also, about the flash, the lip synching was a little off near the end. This could've been a little longer, as well, especially while the other "SoaP Trailer" is out.

Overall, another great SoaP parody that has great animation, but the actual joke of "ants on a picnic" isn't as clever as other SoaP parodies. I hope this review was helpful!


Frogcloset responds:

the lip synching was a nightmare

had some crazy ass lag problem where i had to place the sound 61 frames after the point i needed it and it plays at a different point each time you watch it.

in one word "odd"


well at first i couldnt understnad them but then i realzed where ya where ogin and i must say great little spoof off of the stupid movie snakes on a a plane(which i will never ever watch) net tiem try to make a backround theough it looks cheasy when you use a backround from reality

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3.61 / 5.00

Aug 20, 2006
4:03 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody