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Note: Alot of people are reviewing like "British? You call that british!" That wasn't atall my intention when making this flash, it was more of a 'Hmm tankmen flashes, i'll make one too!" Very spur of the moment and unplanned.

In the year 20 something the world was blown to smithereeeen's!

The only survivors, are the TANK BLOKES!

Everything by me... except maybe the graphics, some Jeff guy did those.



that couldnt suck any more than possible.


i gave it 5 just cuz of it being a good idea but the accent was good aswell but steve needed to be a bit more chavish

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i will give you a 1 for the fact that you actually put this on newgrounds. the voices are, and we all know it, terrible. i just think it was a waste of your time to animate it. it seems as if you dont know much on foreign accents. brits dont sound like that. getting accents wrong like that is a BIG insult. dont try this again. please.

Everyone needs to calm down!

hey, it's not making fun of british people, now is it? it's a PARODY (so to speak) of tankmen. if you don't like it, fair enough, but it takes effort to make flashes (i've tried and failed countless times), and it's a damn sight better than anything i've seen any of you come up with! So don't be so critical. also, "making us sound jamaican"... it's not as if there aren't any black people living in Britain, now is it?

Rant over, back to the flash.
To be honest, it's pretty good, good animation, though i do have a bit of a complaint with the voice acting, occasionally you breathed onto the mic, and it comes out as a sort of PHHHHHHHT sound, it sort of ruins the mood. it was more of a dick question than a dick joke though :P

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The dick joke wasn't really a joke, and they didn't even sound remotely British. I gave a few points for having The Streets. That's about it..

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2.05 / 5.00

Aug 20, 2006
1:28 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody