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Chaos Design: Apocalpyse

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Author Comments

Something started so that I could learn how to use photoshop better, this could be considered the final part in the series, although I could always make more If its still confusing for people and if the mood takes me, as Im not releasing these in any chronological order...
Although the jpg's were exported at 100%, the Png's dont give me that option, so they may look a bit shakey in places. Intresting fact, my 2nd submission in a row to have Apocalypse in the title, I lazied out on the title for this one.
A non-Tankmen submission of the day.

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Worth watching, but it's nothing amazing

This was a strange piece, and I'm not sure what to make of it. There was no real narrative, rather a series of images in a montage. It works reasonably well, but it's not seamless. Whilst some scenes look smooth and sharp, others look out of place, like you've either rushed it or there there was more than one animator.

The music I didn't like, purely because I've heard it so many times in films and cartoons that it has become cliched. I forget where it's from originally, some film like Gladiator I guess, but anyway it was just a bit distracting here.

There are some nice touches, but overall as a piece this was lacking. It didn't emote me in any way. Decent effort though.

Pigmash responds:

Thanks for reviewing. I was the only animator, so I must have either spent more time on some scenes than others, or was trying to do something that just wasnt working and left it as it was...
Musics from Donnie Darko, and I know what you mean about it being used everywhere. I had it playing when the idea for this came to mind though, so It only made sense to keep it as the soundtrack.


There was no real story or explanation.

Question about the dark figure with the hat and cloak/cape, would that be a representation of a shadow person?

Just curious as that is a common aspect of what the most reported one looks like.

Pigmash responds:

Shadow person? He's a "devil" from the last Chaos Design flash.
There was a story, but I guess you have to have worked out what everythings symbolic of, and I'd rather someone else figured it out first instead of me having to explain what it all means. Thanks for the review.


The atmosphere I felt on your flash was good, a very decent piece of work.

I think thats exactly how someone would feel viewing space, as apocalyptic prophecies are being played out, especially with that enthralling music scoring throughout the destruction, nice touch!

You gave outer space its end music, just to let you know. :)

All of the watchers seemed like they were just standing there, hopelessly watching their universe collapse, a sad moment.

Were you inspired to create this? Or did you just decide to make a unique flash?

And what was that golden floating craft that had symbolic coding? Just curious.

Thank you for submitting this, you set it up just right.

Overall score: 9

Vote Panel: 5/5


NG Portal Security.

Pigmash responds:

Thanks, love the review. I think the soundtrack inspired me to make another Chaos Design flash, the previous ones of which may or may not give you a better idea of what the meaning of all this is. So I dont think Ill reveal what the Golden thing and the rest means yet, at least until Im sure Im done with the series, but if someone figures it out Ill confirm it.


really, the only thing i like was the music, cuz u could make that ship thing look a good deal scarier or cooler, it looks really stupid.

Pigmash responds:

...I drew a ship thing? News to me


Especially liked the joke at the end lol

Pigmash responds:

The soundclip when I put the Pigmash logo up at the end? "10cc - An Englishman In New York" is where its taken from, if your intrested.
Glad you liked the flash.

Credits & Info

3.36 / 5.00

Aug 20, 2006
9:58 AM EDT
  • Daily 5th Place August 21, 2006