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So the other day I wanted to play tetris, but i couldn't find a decent flash version. I decided i'd make my own *better* tetris clone. and here it is. No autdrop or tricks like that. just proper tetris, have fun!


although i gave it a protection point...

to be honest, i think i found proper versions before, so... dunno, its quite boring to find the "same" thing again and again... anyway, i value your effort, so there u have your protection point =)

Chris responds:

lol, ok thanks =)

Good idea, but could have been better.

It was a good idea to create your own Tetris version. Many of the ones on NG do lose the feel of the classic by having gimmicks such as instant dropping, block elimination, and so on. But this stuck to the original fairly well.

However, sticking to the original isn't always a great idea, as it makes your work little more than a carbon copy of that. The graphics weren't enough to make it stand out from the crowd. The rotation of the blocks was actually different than it was in the original (the rotation here was in the opposite direction), but that created more problems than benefits.

Still, this wasn't a bad game by any means. It just could have been better.

Chris responds:

i know, i fucking hate instant drop

Good tetris remake

A perfectly good Tetris remake. Crisp clean graphics, smooth gameplay, simple controls. The choice of background and music was a nice touch.

But this loses points for unoriginality. Surprised you couldn't find a decent Tetris on Newgrounds because I've definelty played a few here. Some say that making a good game is 90% ideas and 10% everything else, which wouldn't bode well for this.

As the maker of Gravoor you've got nothing to prove so it's cool if you want to make stuff like this. But I like to see fresh ideas myself.

Chris responds:

I know this is unoriginal. i mean hell its tetris, its been on every gaming system ever made =P

I have a few better ideas i'm working on, more original. keep an eye out

good :]

Pretty classy I really liked the choice of music and backrounds a very good job buddy! :D

Chris responds:


Tetris... a classic!

Its a proper done Tetris game, and i have to say, those are rarely to be found on newgrounds...

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Chris responds:

Yeah thats why i made it. it got on my nerves that all the tetris games were crap.

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Aug 20, 2006
6:07 AM EDT
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