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Dailytoon #248

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In today's dailytoon is a double feature from Sinista, a game from jellyrools, and a toon from ViolentAJ.

We have finally decided on what to do for Dailytoon #250. Keep a look out for that one, it'll be out soon.

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Meh. There were some pretty hateful stuff in here like ribbing on gays and whatnot but you also had your usual funny segments. But this was deffinately one of you better toons. Well done.


The first animation bashes gays, twice, and it doesn't look like it's tongue-in-cheek. The second animation insults Japanese people, and again it looks like it seriously is meant to be an insult. I don't happen to be gay or Japanese but I can still see that these animations are in very poor taste. I am sorry that this collection had to include the rock song and toaster throw, because those were pretty decent and I would have liked to rate them higher individually.

not very good...

Sinista1: Well, started out farely decent. Looks good, animates well. The technical difficulties part was pretty funny too. However, the dialogue wasn't all that entertaining.
Sinista2: Sweet music. Love the background, mostly because of how the stars in the center look like an eye. This looked like it would be a kick ass animation, but you stopped it. "Rest of the movie was too crappy to go public okay"? Dude, why not submit anyways. Looked good to me.
jellyrools: You game is fine on the lower difficulties. But because the speed on the higher difficulties, there was a problem in that points wouldn't register when I clearly got the toast. Also, there is no visible challenge, since nothing is lost when the toast wasn't caught.
ViolentAJ: I percieve this as you percieve anime. Honestly, taking a line from Snakes on a Plane and adding your voice wasn't really funny. Also, the lips should've sinced rather than looped. It isn't because of my opinion of the movie. It's because I consider this to be lacking in entertainment due to the dialogue and the "joke".

Better than usual

It's probably me but I just don't like the Daily Toons. Just boring and giving a chance to Flash artists who don't have any talent to still get their work submitted. The first one was alright but then wwent off track. The second one was a bit strange. The third, I don't see why the creator of that didn't just submit it without the help of Daily Toons. I would've voted 1 (yeah, I know. But it's better than 0). The fourth, well, since the film Smakes of a Plane was made with a lot of help from the public I don't blame people submitting their (crappy) work. But still crap.

f00d is A LOSER

sinbista - mmm yess f00d dies from aids

sinblista- i love how f00d admits hes gay in this

hellyf00ls - lmao look you have to get all the toast so dan weisman starves lmao i love killing dna

vilentja - oh my god i love how samuel l jackson jr kills dan weisman

TheStarSyndicate responds:

fu k u

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3.87 / 5.00

Aug 19, 2006
9:48 PM EDT