asi- The Whispering Moon

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Old animation.
But I hope you still will enjoy it.


Tears, Tears? FUCKING TEARS!!

Your flash is just.... No one can explain your style of Flash. You make the viewer feel like he is in the flash itself, watching the animation. It was a very emotional flash you made - and I love it.


oh my god. dont cry, dont cry :) :s :')

that was so >sniff< beautiful. If all your >sniff< cartoons are like this then YO ARE THE BEST FREAKIN ANIMATER I KNOW. {large amount of crying}

This is more like it.

Now this flash I will vote 5 for. I watched your other cartoon, Vengeance, first, and didn't really like it much. This one, however, was extremely well done. The animation, though not much, was done well, and the drawings were great. The music matched the tone of the story. The story itself was superb; the only complaint I have is that you could change the wording in "I love you" to make the line more expressive, more telling of the character's feelings. "I love you" is used so often that it doesn't have as much power as it used to.
I'm going off to watch your third piece now. Thanks for the great flash.

u.u speechless!

So touching... so sad story, wishing this doesn't happen to nayone around the world. Though, cancer is becoming a very tragic illness. u.u


I like some others, don't know what to write. It was amazing, one of the best flash animations i've seen. But, I dunno, it made me feel sad, like you captured the human personality of what it would be like to be going through that situation at that time. I don't know if that situation has ever happend to you. If it has, I'm sorry about that, and it's good to see some flash animations that can tell let us feel what it's like. Although that may not seem like the best thing, but I feel that it makes the person who's grieving feel better if we do.

Amazing. Keep up the good work.

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4.42 / 5.00

Aug 19, 2006
2:53 PM EDT
Music Video
  • Daily 4th Place August 20, 2006