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Because my Flash site doesn’t work, so I better submit my old Flashs here, just in case friends want to watch them..

The cute ninja girl is my friend nechia's char. and the creepy guy ... you are in his gallery.
asi hasn't kill nechia straight forward, because he wants some fun
I always want to animate nechia naked...
my first ever pure fighting animation.


loved it

long time since i wrote an average 'great submission ' review ' i loved the movie , the sound was perfect , the surroundings beautiful and even the style in wich the chara where drawn was really charming. the nudity wasn't THAT needed but the scene were ( spoiler ) she rides the bird nude came over very cute and pure , corresponding to the character. I liked how you managed to develop your characters even in an all fighting movie . The cat -mouse play , the hint of attraction and erotism all wrapped up in that ever -beautifull oriental style , that one is going on me list of favoritses ^^ if you were to change anything , work on the eyes a little

looking forwards to seeing more ,
a fan

Good, but short.

The animation was very smooth and well done, but the graphics were quite lacking. It'd be better if there was more of a plot, but it did have a great old school battle feel to it, so prop's for that. Anyway, work on the graphics maybe a longer storyline and it'd be amazing. 4/5

Aw bloody hell..

mrr i must say it was a pretty good battle sine they were fighting for "Vengence" dispite the fact the guy was just toying with her and seemed to be the master and her the young grasshopper.. and it pains me to says this everything was extreamly done to perfection but the ending really ticked me off wondeirng if it is an cliffhanger.A lovly battle liek that cannot end with a snap of a finger man cause it makes you wonder if she susceeded or just wounded him which brings me to the point of wondering if the battle will continue since I have a feeling it is not over yet.. Anywaz Keep up the good work man and I hope you possibly make a story about the girl on why she made herself go on such a quest to find him and get back what she whants.. which is vengence..

best fight flash ive seen in a while

that was really cool, i especaily like how u set up the scene first with the birds and such. music went very well with the fight so that was good. i think ur animations could use a BIT of work some things seemed a bit messy at times but other then that it was awsome! keep it up


I just finished watching all your animations, please keep posting them here! YOU ROOL! =D

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4.05 / 5.00

Aug 19, 2006
2:28 PM EDT