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Sharfie Productions Presents...
Splatterhouse! This is my interpretation of the splatterhouse story done in flash. I had to rip all the sprites backgrounds and soun files myself, since there are next to no splatterhouse sprites. For those of you who dont know splatterhouse, it was a violent video game realeased in the 80's featuring references to movies such as friday the 13th, evil dead, and many others. This is my tribute to it.



I remember playing this game all the time as a kid and i cant wait to buy the new game


This just looks like you took the opening for splatterhouse 2. If you were trying to rework it it's okay i guess, but you could of told us before hand


The best of the Splatterhouse series was the first one in my opinion, mainly due to the maggot that pops out of the corpse. By far the funniest serious horror game made. I was disappointed seeing this movie though. It is unclear where the story starts and where you stop it. I was hoping to see a full interpretation of all the games, but I saw what appeared to be a trailer of Splatterhouse 2... By the way, a new Splatterhouse game is to be released late 2009. It is available for pre-order.


not being harsh but this movie has nothing to do with splatter house i mean it was originally a 3d styled game and this is just a sprite movie ur backgrounds are ok so iza rate it 1

Sharfie responds:

correct, it originally had some 3-D elements in the arcade version. but this has a lot to do with splatterhouse 2 for sega genisis (the best one in the series), so you are mistaken that it has nothing to with splatterhouse. you have probably only played the first game because you would have realized that it is a reworking of the opening for splatterhouse 2. you wouldnt have made such a mistake if you knew anything about the series past the first installment.


It had a good feel to it, but nothing happend, it felt like a lame movie preview.

Sharfie responds:

expect a longer version soon, its really just a matter of time. The thing is ripping sprites really takes a freaking long time. if anyone wants to help out by sending me some splatterhouse 2 sprites, or ripping them for me that be cool! But yeah no one is gonna

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3.49 / 5.00

Aug 19, 2006
12:41 PM EDT
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