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Turnament is a space-themed puzzle action game in which you have to turn fields to solve various puzzles (thus the name without an O).

- 30 missions
- Original Storyline
- New Soundtrack
- Space-Themed Backgrounds
- 2-3 hours of gameplay



Game definitely gets hard later on. At level 25, I just saw it and knew I didnt want to think up how to beat it, so I gave up. might get back to it later on. Definitely a hard looking level, but if you beat level 24, its the same style. Just have to place blocks strategically, then start clicking like a mad man to guide the seeker through while only clicking the brown blocks that you placed. If theres another way I'd like to know. But yea..game definitely is a thinker..well in later levels at least. around 20+ If someone beats 25, I send you props too. ~Props~

Very good and Original

This game is very original, with good scripting (both verbal and programming), i hope this doesnt get blammed, due to the clever nature of this game, i hope you make a sequal. you sir have made a good game. and the music is good as well.

muddasheep responds:

Thank you very much!


Excellent game, with very unique and solid gameplay, nice story and (as usual) fantastic music.
However, graphic is the worst part of the game, maybe, but overall it looks nice and stylish so I gave it 6 points.
Muddasheep's music is nearly the most atmospheric part in his games - 10 points, without discussion.
Humour is OK, but many jokes are too simple. I wanted to give 4 points for it, but "Stayin' alive!" definitely adds 2 points! Thanks!

Anyway - this is very original game and I recommend it to everyone! Thank you very much again, muddasheep - you are one of the most original and creative game developers I knew!

P.s. Please, sorry for my English, I'm from Ukraine!

wow O_o

good job, i think you´ll get a good score or...meaby front page!
Woot all my 5 belongs to this! oh yeah improve a little more the things like the main character´s face.

Also,keep working and make more animation or meaby another game

A Very Good Game

One of the most original games out there. The difficulty level was just about right as it started off easy and gradually got quite difficult. It took me a while to complete the game.

As for suggestions, I thought the story was pretty good, but really could have been worked on to make it even better. I also think another few items would have been nice since the last few level were somewhat repetitive, although they were challenging.

As a whole a a very good game. Hope you keep up the good work!

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3.47 / 5.00

Aug 19, 2006
10:29 AM EDT
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