Miss Dynamite XX

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The previous episode exists only in manga. The beginning of the animation is a recap of that manga. -- You don't have to read it to understand -- There's a link to it at the end credits. After 6 months of work (not full time, but still) here's episode 20, Sister Dynamite. I hope you like it, because I'm not about to try something that crazy for a while. Animating in frame-by-frame is a lot of work and is terribly boring. Sure, it might look cool, but I'm not doing that again unless I got a studio working for me. I'm going back to full tweens in the next episode, Old School limited animation Miss Dynamite! I reveal who the cloaked figure in episode VIII was (think way back). I think Kagome and Mizura really help sell the fight scene with their kung-fu voice acting. Yes, there is an Easter Egg. To understand the preloader, search "leekspin" on Wikipedia. If the animation is too slow on old PCs, set the quality to "low". The next episode should be ready in a month. I can't answer them all, but I read all your reviews, so thanks in advance.
*SPOILERS* In case you really don't get it, Eva is converted to Catholicism by the Pope and his Jesus power. Beyond that, I'm sure what else I can explain, it's just an excuse for a fight.


Ur da bom

lol i choose somtin at random b4 i went to sleep now ending up in me stayin a extra hour and a half awake lol. anyhow ur da bom nice graphics lol christians they had it comin if u get any h8 mail stik to them frm 1 of ur new tierd fans ME XD

Fucking Awesome!!!!

HONESTLY PEOPLE..........in the picture for the animation.......she is in a nun's outfit.......that is already a dead give away it will be offensive to catholics. IF you are so religious..........why did you watch it?

I love this animation.......and it is definatly going on my favorites.

I especially like the loading music.

Sirkowski responds:

I bet they secretly get off on it.

Gilgamek Catholics

I like the Gilgamek Catholics from South Park. anways. Ratzinger sure looks like Palpatine doesn't he?

Sirkowski responds:

I haven't seen that episode yet.


Freaking impressive mate... really really good... thou... the preloader its like a bad acid trip mate...


snap i love this whole series but this has to be the highlight especially the fucking intro

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Aug 18, 2006
8:01 PM EDT