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*edit* FIXED THE SOUND Thanks to Cybex. Made the graphics better too. Thanks for FrontPage And love the reviews. Have been responding to each and everyone of them!*

Well, after more than A YEAR of absence in the flash world, I've finally decided to make something. A good old Flash MX piece of art. And, what better thing could I make than another tribute to Newgrounds? This flash resumes in a(I tried to) comical way the mainly reasons among so many of why one should join NG. That's why we love you NG.

Try to enjoy it. I know I had fun making it :)


Good Job

When i looked at this, my first impressions were... I am going to kill myself after this flash but, it wasent bad, not at all, it Tells what newgrounds is(in an Optimistic way) and at the same time it IS newgrounds, cant wait to see more Animation from you.

alexsmolik responds:

Thanks, glad you rather liked it in overall... and that your first impression wasn't the final one! :)
And yeah, it is a very optimistic way of seeing NG.
Thanks for the review,

awsum!!!!!!!! the coolest short flash ever!!!!

i really liked it!!! it was kickass!!!!!!!keep up the good work!!!!

alexsmolik responds:

Thanks a lot, glad you liked it.
I will keep up the good work, don't worry.
Thanks for the review,


It was quite funny. If i saw that on tv, i would totally join NG if i wasnt already a member. I belong! =D

alexsmolik responds:

Thanks, glad you liked it!
That being said, they didn't update the new flash yet, I changed some things and it's a better version that will be on in a few days. :)
Thanks for the review,


The big problem with this is not the sound or graphic, like mostly said, than the fact thet it's (and all other movie or game about NG) licking the NG stuff on the feet (and a bit upper). And unfortunately they accept this, because they pick on the front page every submissions in this style - no matter how bad they are.
If I'll need some good points by Tom Fulp (and the others) I might create something like this too. A free place on the front page!
But the truth is, that I'm sick all of these movies and every other feet-licking!

alexsmolik responds:

Well, it's not about licking NG's feet. If you take a closer look at NG's parody collection, they say "When you've made fun of everything else, why not make fun of NG?". Even though if this flash isn't TECHNICALLY making fun of NG, it is NG related. I might not have made fun of everything else either.
But I also don't think they would pick every single submission in this style. I've already made an NG-related cartoon, and two Alien Hominid ones. They didn't get FrontPage. It isn't that easy, you've got to fit a few criterias...
Well be my guest and do create something like this, you might get FrontPage (or not?) and you will finally get over it, and you may even understand that it isn't about "feet-licking" or anything.

It's just a movie about NG people.
If you make a Matrix movie, are you sucking the Wachowski brothers' big fat dicks?

Thanks for the review, though.

Alright, if you have a few minutes to spare.

Graphics - Meh, I suppose they where alright...ok, better than alright. They aren't perfect, but they're good.
Style - flash adverts never cease to amaze me, this one is no exception.
Sound - Yeah, the commentary was a bit hard to hear...
Violence - well, no violence that is seen, just someone bleeding.
Interactivity - A pause, a play and a start button. Better than most.
Humor - I suppose some parts made me smile.

The only comment I want to say is about the volume, if possible, (next time, if there is going to be one) lower the bg volume.

alexsmolik responds:

Hey! Glad you kinda liked it.

Thanks about the graphics compliments.
I fixed the sound now, it is much better. We've just got to wait that someone from NG Staff checks it and allows me to change the movie.
Well I didn't want to animate violence, it would have taken me so much more work, and I'm so so lazy... plus, I feel like a "good picture" speaks for several seconds of animation. Rather glad than some parts made you smile too.

Thanks for the review,

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3.69 / 5.00

Aug 18, 2006
7:07 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody