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*edit* FIXED THE SOUND Thanks to Cybex. Made the graphics better too. Thanks for FrontPage And love the reviews. Have been responding to each and everyone of them!*

Well, after more than A YEAR of absence in the flash world, I've finally decided to make something. A good old Flash MX piece of art. And, what better thing could I make than another tribute to Newgrounds? This flash resumes in a(I tried to) comical way the mainly reasons among so many of why one should join NG. That's why we love you NG.

Try to enjoy it. I know I had fun making it :)


its ok

its ok not good but ok it could use to show the video game paridys and that the guy before me is stupid ignore him but make another and tell me ill watch it

alexsmolik responds:


Thanks. At least you can see that it's not a masterpiece, it's not an epic flash that will forever stay in NG's mind and history as the best ever, but, it's still a flash that passed judgement, therefore, has a little something :)
Thanks for the review.

*thumbs down*

The extremely annoying, crappy, loud, looping background music killed this.

alexsmolik responds:


Not my fault :(
I wish I could do something about it though.
It's 3 AM atm, so I guess I'll check it tomorrow and try to fix it. Maybe contact the musician/author and ask him to make a "less loud" version?
Thanks for the review.


that was funny yeah this would scare some people

alexsmolik responds:

Glad you found it to be funny! :D
And yeah, it would definitely scare some people away. I could redo the abusive violence scene though to fit a larger... "audience".
Thanks for the review.


Oh Yea Thats How You Advertize.

alexsmolik responds:

Thanks man.
Glad you rather liked it :]
Thanks for the review.

Sensational, inspiring, unequivocally orgasmic!

I unambiguously enjoyed this flash. It contains both satirical and violent humour which I can easily chuckle to. The background music was delightful and soothing, reminding me of my days in Swaziland. Furthermore, even though the voice wasn't loud enough to comprehend, what I did hear was highly arousing to my senses and I was forced to take my anti convulsant medication to calm me down. I hope that this flash will remind everyone that Newgrounds is a place of beauty and freedom.

However, it was shocking that you did not add more hentai images, it brought sadness upon my bosom and had to view pornography to sate my desire of the female form.

thank you.

alexsmolik responds:

Hey! Thanks a lot.
Well, I don't know if all the words you said rightly fit here, but still, I'll take them lol. You seemed to have really like the flash lol. Well, what else can I say if it isn't that it makes me feel good inside. Hell yeah.
Newgrounds IS a place of beauty and freedom!

And about the hentai images... It would have just made the file size bigger for just a few seconds of hentai! And I didn't want to add too pornish images. Sowwy :(
Thanks for the review,

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3.69 / 5.00

Aug 18, 2006
7:07 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody