Duck Luck Episode #2

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Duck Luck Episode #2: Stevie, the Angry Hobo.
Duck and Stevie try to get some dough.
- - - - - - - - - -
After about 2 months of work, this is finally complete. Now I can start making some games! Woot! Right near the end of this, the file became corrupt and I had to redo the credits, so that's why they suck - I was in a hurry and I was anxious.

Thanks to anybody who watches and votes. I love you all.
- Snubby


It was okay

In my opinion it wont get blammed. It was very original. Graphics were okay. Over all I gave a 3/5. (p.s. I like that song by cake you put in)

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Snubby responds:

I actually find this quite offensive. You don't need to tell me it won't get blammed, I know that. Why don't you try using Flash, because obviously you don't understand how difficult it is.

Awesome stuff man!

Wow, this was alot better than I hoped. Still don't quite get the beard joke- but ah well! Everything else was nice. I like the swish/slide effect to go to the next scene- very proffesional. The chess bit was good, but if duck knocked over the board I think it would finish the comedy value. Loved it man & 5'd it! Keep it up!

Snubby responds:

Thanks tommac, and what's to get? He has a beard, man... A BEARD!!!


I'm glad I helped save a masterpiece.

Thanks to me, Snubby was able to spot the problem in his flash and finish it up. And I'm glad I did, cos this flash is the best one I've seen. Good job Snubby!

Snubby responds:

Thanks again EDK, I owe ya one. *huggs*

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3.68 / 5.00

Aug 18, 2006
5:48 PM EDT
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