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Duck Luck Episode #2

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Duck Luck Episode #2: Stevie, the Angry Hobo.
Duck and Stevie try to get some dough.
- - - - - - - - - -
After about 2 months of work, this is finally complete. Now I can start making some games! Woot! Right near the end of this, the file became corrupt and I had to redo the credits, so that's why they suck - I was in a hurry and I was anxious.

Thanks to anybody who watches and votes. I love you all.
- Snubby


Pretty damn good!

The animation and voices were all well done. The chess thing was quite funny. Actually, the whole thing was funny. Especially the beard! That was hilarious! Great job.

Snubby responds:

Thanks, I really appreciate your kind words :)


Are you Fucking insane man! im Hobo Fucking Phobic i nearly had a fucking heart attack so you better put a fucking warning sign up cause i nearly died of a fucking heart attack! crazy ass..

<3 twas good mate $>
*gold star*

Snubby responds:

Thanks for the fucking review (lol). I'm glad there aren't too many hard feelings between us. If it is any consolation, I'm sorry I screwed you in The STAND UP Comedy Collaboration, but I'm just really impatient.


Yeah, the song you start with doesn't even fit the episode at all... I was expecting something about a race. Also the subliminal messages you put in this suck. Not to mention all reputable studies have shown that they don't work.

On the one hand nice try, but on the other hand... no.

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Snubby responds:

Subliminal messages? What the hell are you talking about?! It's just a flash movie, not a secret governmental organization's top secret plan to brainwash the folks of Newgrounds.com.

Oh, and a bad review from somebody who doesn't have anything in the portal; I really should take your advice seriously :P

Hey its done!

Nice finish! A good hobo fight is well always good! The voice quality is good too, do you use audacity or another sound program? And some parts had better animation then others, the jokes were alright I mean they weren't bad but not ROFL worthy...


Snubby responds:

I use Audio Cleaning Labl (ACL) to record and Magix Studio to manipulate and fix the sounds.

thanks for the review :)

Pretty good.

I liked this flash. Th graphics were pretty good and so were the backgrounds. Pretty nice style this this flash as well, I was pretty bummed out that the duck wasn't in this flash very much. He was the best part! The voice acting wasn't very good. All of the voices were similar to eatch other. I was also sad to see there wasn't a lot of violence in this flash. It was pretty funny though, I got a few laughs out of it. Over all this flash is pretty good. The graphics were good and it was also pretty funny. Next time just add more violence and have better voice acting. Good job making this flash, keep it up! I hope you make Duck Luck Episode #3 very soon.

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Snubby responds:

Actually, the Duck not being in this episode is part of the plot of the next episode (which is going to kickass).

The voices being similar is one of the things about this that makes it duck luck. It's the home-made-ness of it (I did all the voices).

Every movie doesn't have to have violence, there wasn't any violence in the previous one, why would there be in this one. At the end, Stevie gets punched in the face though; that's violent.

Thanks for the review. I really appreciate your time. 6 is good enough for me :)

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3.68 / 5.00

Aug 18, 2006
5:48 PM EDT
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