Duck Luck Episode #2

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Duck Luck Episode #2: Stevie, the Angry Hobo.
Duck and Stevie try to get some dough.
- - - - - - - - - -
After about 2 months of work, this is finally complete. Now I can start making some games! Woot! Right near the end of this, the file became corrupt and I had to redo the credits, so that's why they suck - I was in a hurry and I was anxious.

Thanks to anybody who watches and votes. I love you all.
- Snubby

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This is just okay. I like the idea of crazy hobos. My parents actually grew up in a town in Iowa where there were lots of hobos. There's just nothing noteworthy about this. The animation is alright. The jokes aren't really that good or bad.

Still, people seem to like you. You have your own section here, after all! How does TOME not have its own section? I guess it was a bit unpredictable. It's just rather forgettable.


when i press the pause and press it again,it goes out of sinc

hobo fight

that was good the beard thing was funny.

cool i want to see the res thnx

always love the opening songs, good art and flash, funny storyline that makes me wanna kik ducks ass, also ppl(me anyway) enjoy responce from you too even for a crappy review! keep up the good work!


Another enetertaiining episode in the series, heh, it just keeps getting better! Same good animation as previously, with simple graphics and good sound. Would be nice with better scenery though. Keep it up!


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3.64 / 5.00

Aug 18, 2006
5:48 PM EDT
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