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Teh Random Field 2

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Author Comments

LoL its just a random short i made ... with a robot in a field mostly just to practice my lip sync. Dunno if it will get blammed :D.
In the words of compodoor "i like to eat peas".

Enjoy :D

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everybody keeps calling it bad...

it was good actually, the lip sync was awesome for a practice.

The Japs have a story

A Daimyo commissioned a famous artist to paint a picture of a cat, paying him two gold Ryu which was, in those days a fortune to a commoner. At the end of each month, the daimyo sent a messenger asking for his painting. Each time, the artist sent back a request for more gold.

At the end of a year, his patience exhausted, the Daimyo himself went to see the artist. He drew his tanto is it's sheath from his sash and said, "You have my permission to commit Sepukku if my painting is not ready today."

The artist asked the warlord to be seated and prepared his ink. Taking up his brush, the artist drew with swift, bold strokes. In seconds he he the daimyo a painiting drawn with 7 strokes that captured the very essence of Cat.

The daimyo's eyes filled with tears as he beheld the exquisite beauty that was now his possesion, knowing that his descendants would bless him for this great treasure. Then he grew angry,. "You have spent a year and 15 ryu on something that you could have done in a moment!"

Without a word, the artist stood and walked to a cabinet set against the wall. He opened it and thousands of drawings of cats fell out. "What you paid and waited for was not for me to draw the cat, but to learn how to draw the cat."

There is absolutely no need to present every stage in the production of your piece. Learn to draw the cat and then get back to us.

Shit! I spent more time on this review than you did on your video. And it's going to get blammed, right along with your video.

Oh well, since no one but uis will see it, I can use it again.

i hope i get a blam point off of you

^_^. you probobly have ..thesemi potential to make something good.. lol

....and yaeh i like peas to.


The only actually decent in this is the Celtic music... which you obviously didn't write. Peas = not funny.


you need to die no realy plz die and never post on newgrounds again format your pc then drive over it whit your car and put it on fire and trow it in a river and remove your NG account plz for gods sake I DONT WANA DIE FROM LOOKING TO BAD FLASHES(like yours)

bobsmovie responds:

Im not taking advice from someone when my BA is 3.50 more than theres... especially when the fucking useless prick hasnt even submitted a flash to newgrounds.

Credits & Info

2.08 / 5.00

Aug 18, 2006
1:27 PM EDT