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The Phobia Collab

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11 Authors participated in this collab. KyleDaFox, Scotttheskaterr, bobsmovie, Flaedo, Dusty_Gorilla, WAAANIMATION, TechnoTrepidity, Chubbthehippo, dEcamp3r, Spyxterness, and Lopaxe. They had to do a short animation about a person with a phobia. After a month of work, We came up with this. Enjoy!

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what can i say

well this always could be better.

but please... next time, could you deny some of the artist for example the ones who dont have any movies in the portal? for example me.

the menu was buggy as hell, i couldnt view my part from the scene select because it just shows me up Chubbthehippo's bio.

and ah well, my part was buggy too (lawl)

ill wait for the next part anyway


KyleDaFox responds:

Meh, what can I say, sorry? :/ Everyone makes mistakes, it was the best thing ever previewing it in flash, and it's this on NG. Lol, nice pun. Good job, and sorry/.

Hope to work with ya again.


i love you guys!!!!

freaken awesome work, not bad at all, i dont know whats wrong with these reviwers but come on now...this ROCKS!!!

Keep up the good work...!!! and be patient with it....who knows one day the flash program could run away and steal your work.................anywho......GOOD WORK GUYS!

KyleDaFox responds:

Meh, it was OK... Lol. I'm still voting 5 on it everyday to get my experience up, and get the bad score up. Thanks for the re-assuring review, even Unreal_Me said it sucked, and he WAS in the collab. But, I hope to work with you again. See ya!

Eliminate your sorrows

Sure, your collab wasn't the best collab ever created.

There's going to be people giving you crap for the score you got and the overall quality, but I think instead of getting down about it, you guys will just need to take what you learned from this collab and use it for your future releases.

A lot of you guys were new, and a lot of you are just starting out with flash. Granted the little time I have known some of you guys on the BBS, you guys did a great job on some parts. The use of sound effects was a lot better than a lot of animations floating around the portal, and the humor on some of them were great. The duck was my favorite part, so whoever made that, good job with the humor.

All in all, you guys did okay. And you guys had fun making it, right? :). See you around the BBS.


KyleDaFox responds:

Yeah, you can't always do good. It was still an OK try!!! Thanks for the nice review and constructive criticsm, I really needed to see that in reviews.

wow that really, really sucked

the animation wasnt very good, I don't know how the creator has a good enough batting average to start this. The animation was VERY bad, it wasnt that funny, the sound was ok, but the people involved in this where not very skilled at all. The only high ranking flashes the creator has are quizes, which any unskilled animator can do.

KyleDaFox responds:

Well excuse me, you were once in the collab, I didn't hear from you. All the animation that you have is something with a 1.8. I have actuall animation now. At pretty high ranks. About the quizes. I submitted my first one once I learned how to make buttons, January 26, 2006. Now, it's August 18, 2006, almost 8 months later, and I'm getting better, as you can see in my other animations. When Classic Rock Quiz! got past, and people liked it, I thought I was on a roll. I submitted the second, and made a series. Now, after 2 months from the last quiz, I'm making more stuff. You have ONE animation, and might I add, the animation was extremly slow, it was sprites, no one likes sprites, had now humor, no interactivity, just mario taking ten minutes to walk across a screen. I'd really like you to start a collab and do better. Oh wait, you cant, you only have one flash, no batting avaerage.

they showed me my fears

Ok maybe this will get blammed..but not from me..... i thought the fear of 666 was funny and a couple other moments.....
Plus i found out what the name of my secret fear is......
Aperiophobia (I have the fear of infinty)...funny thing is i am not joking about that being my fear

KyleDaFox responds:

Thanks for the re-assuring comment. Hopefully you can overcome your fear.

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4.05 / 5.00

Aug 17, 2006
10:47 PM EDT