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I hope you all enjoy Throwback the Duck: A 'Back Story. This episode is the prequel to the upcoming Throwback the Duck animated adventure series coming this fall. The series follows the exploits of washed-up, self-proclaimed "Game Master" Throwback the Duck.
A 'Back Story finds Throwback sharing his life story from the unique perspective of the quirky duck himself.
While I did focus on adventure, tongue-in-cheek humor is sprinkled throughout the series as well. Ultimately, it's a celebration of the Saturday morning cartoon world and video game mascots of the 80's and early 90's. Thus, both the silliness and charm of these worlds are found in Throwback. Even the voice acting is designed to reflect the silliness and cheesiness of the 80's.
Arthur Gil Larsen has done a fantastic job of bringing the world of Throwback the Duck to life with his beautiful artistic talents. He is truly a gifted animator and a great friend.
The voice acting team is comprised of a diverse cast of characters in and of itself. They all did a great job with their (often oddball) lines.
Please enjoy the soundtrack as well. It's kicked off by a creative composer and animator Christopher S. Murphy.

Thank you all for your support and I look forward to hearing your feedback!
David Gornoski
Director of Throwback



I loved this cartoon so much that I had to remember my years old username and log in just to show my appreciation... It's not often you find things on the net that make you think 'Wow' but this definately did... As soon as this cartoon started I thought "Hey these images remind me a lot of cartoons on the TV". Now that doesn't sound impressive I suppose but to me it is... I knew this was going to be visually a good cartoon in the opening seconds... The voice acting was really good and the storyline was original... I really enjoyed this and it's got me wanting more... Im surprised it didnt get first place and all that jazz because this blows the crap out of everything else bar a few posts on newgrounds...

Sweet work guys! Can't wait for the next episode. I hope the storyline is just as good. A lot of series tend to lose story as it goes along... Just hope this doesn't... I can actually imagine this being on the TV... Awesome...


you are amazing.. dont change anything about this.. i loved every single minute of it.
the voice is perfect, the style is perfect..
it made me want to watch the next episode NOW!

I don't mean to sound gay...

....But that was honestly one of the cutest cartoons I've ever seen!

I absolutely dug your animation style, and the voice acting was pretty good, I think.

The music complimented the movie well, and just the fact that you mentioned Western Washington makes me happy.

Anyway, look forward to seeing the next one!



first of all, thanks for doing something that went through more than a cuple of nights in planing progress.... its pretty obvious that you made a script and for that we thank you...
second, impresive graphics, impresive sound, impressive voice quality...
and third... i will be waiting for the next one mate...

I'm looking

++++ Really lost myself in that flash. As the story unfolded, I practically stopped paying attention to the technical details and just enjoyed the ride.

+++ Great colours.

+++ Shading is done so well...

+++ And it all just works so well together... bgs, character lines... colouring... makes for a beautiful cohesive whole.

++++ Practically flawless animation on a technical level.

- Though as a criticism, I'd say that at some points you could've used the motion to 'telegraph' the duck's emotions a bit better. When he was attacking the Pikmin, he could've looked a lot angrier. That kinda thing.

- The first step into the fictional world (with the duck first speaking, then us seeing the game characters as real people) seemed slightly jarring. Maybe if the other ducks had uttered a few words on-screen before, it would be less so?

++ The voice for the ending is specially great.

++ The girl in the 'teaser' picture seems full of character.

-- I think the jokes could maybe be packed in a bit thicker. I didn't chuckle at all and it was mainly the beautiful animation and voiceover that kept me interested at the start.

++ I did like a few jokes and references. Gold Zelda cart, the job he didn't get, the ease with which he got his current job...

Seems a great series. I'm looking forward to ep.1.

I hope the next episode has even more jokes and references packed in.

It's a beautiful piece of work.

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Aug 17, 2006
8:30 PM EDT