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Rotting Brains

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Well, first of all, thanks to the flash: AAMMM BOREEEDD!!!!1two (I hope I spelled that right :p). For inspiration for this flash.

This is a stickman flash, so, if you don't like stickmen flash, please don't vote.

The whole story of this flash revoloves around the television show 'Rotting Brains' (named off the title of the song which is used in this flash). See the in-movie story for more detail.

**NOTE**: If you choose any scene but scene 1 or 2 in the scene selection, there will be no sound. Sorry about that!

So, enjoy, Rotting Brains!

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+1 Obstacles Drawn Well
+3 Overall Good Menu
+2 Story
-1 Badly Done Stickmen
+1 Sound
+1 Scene Selection
-1 Slow Moving Credits

Overall: 6/10

Frenzy responds:



i think it sucks... =D i have koolmoves too, but i have the cracked version, then you dont see the KM at the background and some extra features... well, try harder and you get better!

Frenzy responds:


it was.. good.

i am seeing a pattern here because the stickmen are seeing the dead bodies and it was making them see the traps. so thatswhy the sticks were going father. i liked the end when he is just standing there and the gun just comes out and shoots him. very good stick movie.thisis going on mah favourites.

Frenzy responds:


~ Z


+++ When the last guy got to the end, despite (or perhaps because of) the awful animation and lack of characterisation, I really empathised and felt so jubilant. Then I cringed and shuddered as the final thing appeared...

++ The rotting brains story in the 'extras' really has me intrigued.
I have to ask... rotting brains... was this an actual TV show? What kinda traps? Which country was it shown in? How did it get put back on air?

--- Terrible animation. Only tweening. Fbf work shouldn't be above you and it'd help make this a far more interesting watch. As it is, it feels like we're getting an abstract icon-based depiction of what happened, rather than an actual 'movie'.

--- Partially because of the poor animation, it all seemed to really drag on. From around man 3 up until the end of man 5, I was pretty apathetic and kinda bored of it.
At around man 3, I was thinking of another flash, which had fbf men running through a trap-based thing simultaneously. Having it all going on at once made for a far more frantic and frenzied watch.

Good to see another animation by yourself, but I really think you should stretch yourself a bit more.

Frenzy responds:

Lol, yeah. This was my first movie that had assed jusgment!

To answer your questions:

was this an actual TV show?

I made it up. Inspired by 'The Running Man' and 'Total Recall'.

What kinda traps?

Lots. Maybe I'll make a sequel, with better animation someday...

Which country was it shown in?

All of them. The world was fascinated.

How did it get put back on air?

Pure human curiousty. Like a snuff film, but with multiple deaths.


Thanks for the great review!

~ Z

(( LOL ))

Well what can i say, it was amusining but i do have to say that the sticks did make me laugh which i liked, the backround it was what it was, this could be improved on though, i think you already know how, it was simple and amusing.

Some improved graphics like more character like characters, and some deeper detailed backrounds.

Funny and silly flash.


Frenzy responds:

Lol, thanks for the review!


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Credits & Info

1.88 / 5.00

Aug 17, 2006
11:07 AM EDT