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Medieval Madness-Trailer

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Hi everyone! This is a tribute to krinkel's madness. I know its nothing like the real thing but please vote fairly. By the way I do not claim I own madness, im just using the style.

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the trailers good but part 1 of this sucks! xD banned pies lol


alright, I guess..?

There is a medievil madness out right now, sux cos its only tweens and they are designed badly


well you kinda made the words telling what he fought and what he did linger around for a little long than you should have...maybe it is just to early in the moring and i am dozing off... but any way good job

DUBstuffed (the only true O.G. {original ganster})


Pretty good work, unlike other madness imitations you brought something new to the mix. What you do need to do however is probably add more movements in the actions or if your to impatient perhaps tween alot of the movement. The other issue was with the slain soldiers, a lot held their swords up when they were dead, if you died you'd be limp and your arms would be flat on the ground. Little things like that should be resolved.

Regardless fairly unique and I look forward to any future medieval madness's.

a bit choppy, but.

with some work, im sure youll get an award for-, ah, ahhh, AHHH...- CHOO!!! *sniff* Srry, sneezed... :) well, just work on it, and youll be able to get an award some day for ur work!

all and all, i say this trailer isnt good, but i look forward to the real ones when they come through

EggcupClock responds:

Bless you XD