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Just like the game !

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sorry about there not being a pic my fireworks got deleted but dont let that put u off watching the movie

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You're so stupid...

You called luigi's castle calamity a peice of crap because it was about mario and luigi and they are so gay... how can you say that when you made this?

You should take your own advice, never make flash again, and get laid. And if by some miracle you did, I would like to know how much you paid him....You're such a hypocritical child....

my ribs!

this is awsomely funny,violence a 4 becuase that angry fly seemed
painful god that face luigi made lololol
ill vote 5!!!!

pointles paice of ****

for havens sake don't make another flash........ btw its a pointless paice of ****

LT100 responds:

wen u make some flash then u can say somthing

ure a pointless peice of shit fuk thee in the eye


Well it was good for a quick laugh. The comments that were flashing were pretty funny. Also the tween with luigi looked hillariouse.

It was very short and inside that very short time was little quality. I can tell this is something you made in a day. If you work harder you could really make a good movie.

LT100 responds:

lol i love luigis face i did do it in a day because i was bored i had a larf and it got on so wat does it matter

LOL Well done

Graphics/Animation: Nicely done my friend nicely done (10)
Style/Originality: It wasnt very original but still good (7)
Sound: The Cheezy Piano lol (5)
Violence: Well Luigi gettin smacked with a fish that came from nowhere and then falling for ages seems minor violent but it was still good (3)
Interactivity/Pre-Loader: Well basic NG Pre-Loader so (1)
Humor: ANGRY FLY FART lol that did it for me along with Mario straining (10)

Minor Errors: None i could find
Comments: Well im proud of the picture i made for your flash GO ME


LT100 responds:

googly shmoogly mushroom flange put da pea in da pot :) i repliiiiieeed