Goth Lyfe 8: Goth Test

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Episode 8 is here! Todd gets one step closer to becoming a Goth! If you haven't already please watch the first 7 episodes first or you won't find this one funny and you'll end up leaving stupid reviews like some other people... I'd like to take this time to thank all the fans of the show, the support has been awesome, oh I mean "Gawesome"! Ok well enjoy! (Episode 9 is on its way!)
**Attention, the so-called Goths in the show are not authentic Goths and even though they consider themselves to be very "Gothentic" we are not trying to offend anyone, if you can't take a joke, I suggest you don't watch this. And as for the rest of you...enjoy!


slow but funny

a little bit slow..but there were some funny moments.....like the button you have to push...i like the last "question" ...a found it funny

Annoying waste of time

I really did not like the voice acting. It made my ears bleed. Must admit that you did somewhat of a nice job animating. Not that it is that good, but because your chars suck so much that it seems so hard to make them move let alone talk. Please be more creative and inspiring to other people so that THEY can make a nice movie.




Seeing him do a goth test in a stupid way is not at all funny no offence but this sucked


That was painful to watch. Your drawing and animation is simply terrible. Practice some more before you make more cartoons. The voice acting was just as bad. You need to move your mouths away from the microphone, because you're causing clicks and spots in the sound. Don't breathe onto it. Oh yeah, and your voices were really annoying, because they were so high-pitched that I swear a dolphin just crashed through my window because it mistook your cartoon for a mating call.
To finish off, there was no humour involved at all. I didn't even crack a smile once. You suck.

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4.07 / 5.00

Aug 16, 2006
12:50 PM EDT
Comedy - Original