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Goth Lyfe 8: Goth Test

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Episode 8 is here! Todd gets one step closer to becoming a Goth! If you haven't already please watch the first 7 episodes first or you won't find this one funny and you'll end up leaving stupid reviews like some other people... I'd like to take this time to thank all the fans of the show, the support has been awesome, oh I mean "Gawesome"! Ok well enjoy! (Episode 9 is on its way!)
**Attention, the so-called Goths in the show are not authentic Goths and even though they consider themselves to be very "Gothentic" we are not trying to offend anyone, if you can't take a joke, I suggest you don't watch this. And as for the rest of you...enjoy!

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nice, you should have made the click here button clickable


Ninja duck! Seriously whats up with the duck at the beginning? I like it and all but just wondering.
When i heard the kids cheering at the beginning i could have sworn i heard dont touch me. But anyway really funny and loved the goth test. I would have passed!


Come on Daboman i know this isnt the first time i caught you leaving a mean remarke so come on its a good series and madness is good but you cant advertise for madness in a different series comments


You did a good job with the voices on this one. Definitely an above-average series :)

shut up

Daboman stfu i watch madness also but i like both.