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This is what tofu really does when you close the door. Please let us know what you think!


light on...

light off!
beautiful in it's simplicity, 10/10


Looks like your robots in your comix.Your comics are sweetn, too!

Light on, Light off!

Wow, unique sense of humor you've got here...talking tofu? I'll take this over what Fat_Badger and his f*aggy friends are making!

It was an a little above average flash.

I liked it because it is so simple yet so awesome. However, it got a little boring after a while. I can only take so much tofu turning on and off lights! You still did a good job though Ben! I love your other works and hope to see some new flashes from you!

Creative, and very funny.

I hope this flash gets protected to the fullest, those tofus were fascinated with lights on and off.

I like the tofus converstation between each other too, entertaining, random, and fun. I also might think I have random foods that do this in my fridge sometimes too, lol

This reminds me of those Pepsi commercials where, when nobody is around, and the store is locked up for the night, all these pepsi cans come to life, all have different personalities, and do different things, or they just all dance together.

Thanks for sharing your ideas, I enjoyed your flash.

Overall score: 9
Vote Panel: 5


NG Police lieutenant

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3.29 / 5.00

Aug 16, 2006
10:21 AM EDT
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