Mobile Weapon Assault

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Please play at:
if you want to submit highscore.

Movement: w,a,s,d or directional keys
Shoot: Hold down left mouse button
Overdrive: Press key 'e'
Change weapon: Number keys '1','2' or '3'

Based on the Mobile Weapon world, you pilot any of 3 MAWs to defeat enemies in 5 stages.
Get more powerful upgrades as you progress and increase your rank by defeating enemies.

You can save your progress after each stage.

Unlock different MAWs and try them out.
Each MAW has something different!

Try flying Luna over the head of the boss in the Lazlo mine. :p


Very good!

Would like to see an update with more areas / more varied enemies / different music / more varied weapons / more 'bots to play with.

MWA rules.

Excellent graphics just as I did a review for u the previous time round. It's on the front page again! Yeah.

Consider these aspects for ur action game:
1) Having a Pause button on the keyboard. (My index finger felt numb over the thrilling period of play)

2) Enable the use of the spacebar to rotate and select the different weaponaries. (the numb pad's 1,2,3 are too far away from my directional keys)

3) Theren't wasn't any much left to offer me, just to unlock and try out Luna and Avenger, after I have sucessfully completed the game using MWA Stinger. I did love to use Luna at the start doh...
So maybe u can allow the unlocking of these two MWA (to be stronger than Stinger) somewhere in between game play, than expecting the gamer to repeat the whole process again.

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TylerProjects responds:

1) Oh, you can pause the game by pressing 'q' for quit, it wouldnt quit but ask for confirmation, but I guess that's not obvious. :p
2) Hmm.. possible, I allowed w,a,s,d control as well, so that its easier to swap weapons.
3) Great idea, I'll look into that. :D

Good But Boring

Graphics: 8 - Ill admit that the graphics were good, but they werent the best ive seen, but things seemed to have been created that way so.. meh, if there had have been more too look at, perhaps i would have given this a higher score.
Style: 8 - Side scrolling action game, shoot em up type... eh its been done before, but points for effort.
Sound: 9 - Good sound, nothing wrong or unsync with anything, the choice of music is up to you really... just mute and listen to music is my fancy because some of the background music seemed very dull for a violent side shooting game.
Violence: 10 - Can i vote nothing else? All you do is drive around shooting things, oh thats not violent one bit.
Interactivity: 7 - Ok, ill be honest, there is and was a lot of things that you could have done to make this game much more interesting, for example... you only get THREE WEAPONS?!?!?! Ugh... a Machine Gun.. some sort of Blast Gun, and a Homing Missile.... very basic choices if you ask me... and you couldnt even really upgrade your machine gun i could freakin click faster then it fired.. meh.
Humor: 2 - Am i suppose to grade this? 2 Points for the cute graphics lol.
Overall: 8 - Yeah, it was good, not the best ive ever seen but frontpage worthy yes, room for improvement.. yes definitly.

As a side note as usual id like to point out the few things i didnt like.. from what you've read obviously the weapon choice being one, i mean honestly, you could have added more then 3 weapons, right off the back of my head i could list like 10, so heres erm, like a list of a few, this would have been what i would made avaible if i were to have made this game.
1. Machine Gun
2. Minigun - For More "Rapid" Firing.
3. Burst Cannon - 3 Shots At Once Style Weapon
4. Cannon - Lobs a Shot but is limited in range
5. Shock Cannon - Quick firing and accurate
6. Blast Cannon
7. Homing Missile
8. Naplam - Spread shot, could hit multiple enemies.
9. Railgun - Shoots through targets and keeps going.
10. Superweapon "E"

Just a short list of ideas you know.. case you consider making a next one. Out


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TylerProjects responds:

Thanks a lot for this review! :)

Yeah, I think I missed out on weapon types. I'll definitely make more next time round. :X


graphics- 3dish
sound- I liked the tracks, Can i get all the track names?

I liked how it felt like I was progressing in a good pace in the beginning, then it just felt really really slow. There should be a tip that advises you that holding the mouse is quicker than just clicking contionusly (unless there already is). I love the upgrades, there wasnt anytime where anything was unaffordable [except the first stage], since the upgrade price never changed. The game has a lot of [damn i forgot the word] to be a spectacular game.

Some ideas:
1. Do not let the gameplay get repetetive.

Overall: Spent 20 minutes on it, its pretty good for an action game

TylerProjects responds:

You can get all the tracks by clicking at the box details of music artist names at this link:
http://www.newgrounds.com/por tal/view/332656



Luna is the best. You can fly--if you press up you will just fly so you can avoid all spikes. And you have the best special attack, which is heal.

Also the game gets to be a joke once you are at Elite class. My Luna is Elite class D, level 21 (max) firing rate. I have beaten the lazlo mine in two ways:
1. Not moving the mouse, just holding the mouse button down in one place near the top of the screen and moving the MAW
2. Not using the keyboard--meaning no weapon changes, no movement to avoid enemies or get powerups, no special attack (heal)--only using the mouse to direct the #1 weapon.

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3.96 / 5.00

Aug 16, 2006
4:34 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun