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Catgirl Planet (v.1.3)

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Hi folks.
This is a short, simple Catgirl Datingsim. If there is anything to make better, please let me know.

Edit (1st November 2007): *edited special hint down in commentary
*sigh* still not part of dating sim collection ._.

Listen carefully what the girls have to say. You might have to change locations sometimes in order to meet the girls.
There are two new girls - but 4 new nude-scenes. Can you find them all?
Not every nude-scene leads to a happy end...
You might have to build up your stats more than before.
Most time leveling Saya and Sayreen is more like questing than leveling.

Special hint: there are 2(!) "happy scenes" with Sayreen and no unhappy with Saya.

Have fun!

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i got the ending where she died

grate game!!!

nice.. enjoyed it!

If I could I'd put this in a top 10 furry-dating sim list. (it would be #5)

Stay away from the hunter chick and the beach bimbo, they're too much like the girls here on Earth, who needs'em. The hunter is fine with threatening to kill you for sarcastically calling her a freak for hunting so much, and then will randomly challenge you to a mountain climbing race, which you can't refuse, and if you haven't been by the beach and trained speed enough to win, possibly with a boost from buying the mountainclimbing book, she calls you weak. Her even dumber friend on the beach will call you boring if you just say you're wandering around aimlessly instead of rushing to flatter her shallow ego. Double standards much? Who needs a feminist catgirl, enough entitled dumbcunts here on Earth without wasting the energy to go to another planet for them. And damn but they ARE boring on top of that too. You know what their idea of a "successful date" is? It's you answering a bunch of stupid questions they ask you about themselves like a test, in some cases questions they themselves haven't already even given you the answers to in the conversations you've had with them so it doesn't matter how good your memory is, you're expected to just know - and they're the SAME stupid questions, every day, in the same order, over and over and over and over again, so if you've done it once, you might as well have done it a million times. Yet each time you do it, you get more points, as if it was any different from the date the day before and are building a stronger bond or something. And you thought the feminists over HERE were narcissists, right?! I say, go after Sayreen, the vulnerable angsty purple-haired one, or Saya, the absent-minded blue-haired shopkeeper who went fishing without a fishing line instead, their routes are harder, but more worth it, they're prettier, smarter, they have attributes that are actually interesting, and they're not nasty. And protect Sayreen, drink responsibly with her! She can't hold her liquor, she'll die of alcohol poisoning if you don't look out for her! To get Saya, read wolfstarwalker's comment on the next page, she won't be nasty to you, but she's a lady with standards, and if your stats aren't high enough across the board, she just won't have interest in you at the only pivotal time and place when you have the opportunity (that time is where they're setting up the tents - go one way for karaoke with Sayreen, the other for Saya).

The music is ok. The birds chirping when "hunting" (accompanied by the worst art in the game) almost got me to mute the whole thing.

That said, this sucker has a fair amount of complexity for something like that, and for the most part, the pieces fit together. Altogether an entertaining experience. Not too shabby with the execution. But it is what it is, TERRIBLE artwork and all. And those "reward" images, not appealing one bit, why would you think anyone would think otherwise. What the hell. By far they look way better with their clothes ON, you did ok with THAT art. You really shouldn't have tried to make it a h-game, just a straight-up choose your own adventure game, left that part out, I'll bet you could have had some more interesting adventures on top of it if you weren't constrained to the way you did it.