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Ten Commandments

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"The Ten Commandments" reenacted by the Clock Crew!

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That was hilarious! I knew I was in for something good with the opening joke. I was afraid the cartoon would end right there. I believe there's another Clock flash about "The Passion Of The Christ". You guys like your religious movies! The animation was great.

It was great to hear a regular voice. I loved the Snake joke. I knew he was coming. I do kind of miss epic Clock Day flashes. I liked the links at the very end as I've never seen that in a Clock Day cartoon before.


hahhahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhhahahh ahahahahah
there is have Rupee Clock and Solid Snake(MGS2)


You put a pause and play button. Now someone's using their brain.


Im jew (well not relly but a litle you see my grand grand grand (ho will give a shit!?! )) a bit but funny animation tough

to the guy below me

hey shutup punisher animation was good and why do u give a $hit if its a bit racist what u gonna do start a jew revolution and it was a good attempt at something awesome lets see u make a good graphic animation