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Random Clockday Short

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Strawberry Clock is innocently walking down the street, when suddenly his arch nemesis, orange clock, jumps out of the shadows, and threatens to kill him! How will it end up? You'll find out.

Um yeah. I did this in an hour just to be festive. Don't expect anything great. I hope you're amused by the atrocious voiceacting.

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I was rolling on the floor laughing! You must have been pretty bored though lol. And by the way i thought the voice at the end was the best part!


That was the most suspensful thriller of the year! Wes Craven could do no better! In fact, the voice in the last scene made me puke a little and few films can do that.

johnfn responds:

That was actually my goal the whole time.

Haha what the hell.

Epic battle homie between strawberry and orange but what the hell is up with the ending that threw me into a loop but way to hustle on the ending,overall great flash.

Umm you're such a dork.

As much as I love you...

you are the dorkiest person I (will ever) know.

Its alright though.


^^Good Points^^
A neat little short for clock day. i really liked the drawings because of how original they were. The script was funny, like "Your blender seems to have bested me" is a funny line. The storyline was rather funny, and the ending was just great.

^^Needs Improving^^
Like you kind of said already, the guys voice at the end is incredibly annoying.

johnfn responds:

Thanks. I'm glad my humor hit home with someone.

The voice acting was practically unavoidable since I had to go like an hour BEFORE I submited (ie, I had no spare time to make it good at all)