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:: Edit: Oh Snap! Front Page and these awesome awards! TY a lot! The final update was made already, all the fonts/text errors where fixed in March.

This Collab is about the internet forces of the ClockCrew combating the endless stream of faggotry that comes in the form of a rip-off group originally started as a joke by BananaClock.... The LockLegion.

Featuring members that simply rejects of the ClockCrew or former disgruntled members, it is the dystopia of the ClockCrew.

This collaberation started by Ex-SharinganClock / Ex-ParappaClock (also called Sonucais at NG) features some well known CC members and some new members who are learning flash themselves. We hope you enjoy it.

StopAllSounds Propaganda Short was made by StrangeClock. Sharingan's latest part were a tribute to Nightmare City, flash animations that inspired him to organize this awesome collab. This description was realised by BlackMagic.




So how are you going to split up the xbox360 :)

Sonucais responds:

If this submition is awarded with xbox, will belong to me.

Best fucking collab I've been in so far.

I would just like to say, thank you everyone for your hard work and paitence. After a long day, we've finally got this out and onto the portal. Although we had many delays while doing this, it was all worth it. I'm very proud of you all. <3 Happy Clockday,

Q Block Clock

Sonucais responds:

Yeah man... It was very very very hard to do... and these faggots than havent give me the parts... uhmmm i just have done these parts... -_-" Oh well... Im really really tired, but thats awesome! =D

Heres one of the clocks than have collaborated, good job.

That was...

The most kick ass flash I ever saw!

Sonucais responds:

It can be really true.

Epic CD

Ooooh? A tribute to Clairvoyance's "Nightmare City" and 403 Forbidenna's "Southern Cross" and "Northern Lights"?

The Flash was stylish, well-animated, but I often felt like some parts did not belong in there. When I heard the music at the beginning I thought "Oh what the hell is this? They're going to murder the stuff that I like so much" but I was surprised to see that it wasn't sub-par at all (still doesn't beat the original, though).

I feel like you tried really hard to make this as epic as possible and that you all actually tried.

I normally see Clock Day as "Free Blam Points Day" until I see something like this. So in short,

Happy Clock Day!

Sonucais responds:

It wasnt a tribute to Clairvoyance's nighmare city and 403 forbideenaa's southern cross and nothern light at all (what a long name, roflmao). I just choose these awesome songs, just because i love it, and just it. Unless... I love Nighmare City, so i just tributed it at the last scene, just it.



Lol, I was so anxious, I reviewed a totally wrong movie of yours. (Don't bother looking) I don't think anything is needed to be said, since i've already said it. YOU DESERVE ONE OF THE XBOX 360!!!

Nice movie. It almost made me cry.

Sonucais responds:


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Aug 15, 2006
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