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:: Edit: Oh Snap! Front Page and these awesome awards! TY a lot! The final update was made already, all the fonts/text errors where fixed in March.

This Collab is about the internet forces of the ClockCrew combating the endless stream of faggotry that comes in the form of a rip-off group originally started as a joke by BananaClock.... The LockLegion.

Featuring members that simply rejects of the ClockCrew or former disgruntled members, it is the dystopia of the ClockCrew.

This collaberation started by Ex-SharinganClock / Ex-ParappaClock (also called Sonucais at NG) features some well known CC members and some new members who are learning flash themselves. We hope you enjoy it.

StopAllSounds Propaganda Short was made by StrangeClock. Sharingan's latest part were a tribute to Nightmare City, flash animations that inspired him to organize this awesome collab. This description was realised by BlackMagic.




It's great that a collab consisting of mainly underdog artists should achieve second best of the whole week. Well done to everyone in this great collab.

Sonucais responds:

Thank you.

M-m-m-m-massive fail

it looks like its parodying clairvoyance's nightmare city series...
it looks like its nothing but random clock and lock fights and stuff
it looks like the music got all screwed up from your editing.....

everything about this is near to fail, I dun know whats happening, many scenes parodied from nightmare city esp the ending yet it is not... but I think you guys saved yourself from not actually doing an actual parody of nightmare city.....

Sonucais responds:

Hey man... I love Clairovoynce's nightmare city series too... but thats not yet a parody! 4ChanCity is a big parody! just it! And that edit i done is perfect for a collab, also is pretty good to hear. And if you watch it with the eyes of a Clock, you'll see that get a great history and a sad end.

Nah... I love your style but you get me mad right now. We have worked 3 months, specialy me.

IT was great, and it gave me an idea too....

Everything was great, except the sound got a little quiet at parts, and the song lyrics were so mushy at parts that you couldn't hear what they were saying (though I'm not going to be very critical on that point since it's pretty likely that's the way it is originally). All in all it was an excellent collab.

And it gave me this wild crazy awesome-ass idea...

The part of the flash where they had the fighting-game style duel between SBC and Peach (I think) made me think....


I'd pay for it...

Ah well, I guess for now I"ll have to settle for the soundtrack.

Sonucais responds:

Yeah, i made it! And yes, i was thinking on try do something with Mugen, you know whats Mugen? Also... I dont know how to import sprites at the character maked... it looks really bad...


Great way to close out clock day.

This was A damn good way to close out clockday. (In my timezone anyway.)

I love both songs. And The parts were for the most part consistient.

Ah what the hell an I saying I don't having any high quality stuff on the portal. XD

Keep up the good work. All of you.

<3 D20 Clock

Sonucais responds:



That was a really good collab. The only thing I didn't like was the filesize. I think you could have compressed the music a little better. I mean come on this was 10MB, double the portal limit.

None the less a great movie and worth my time. I really liked the way the credits were done too as it was interesting and I actually wanted to read them. I just close the window on most movies credits. Those gears were cool!

Nice work Fifend!


Sonucais responds:

It was 7,8MB with a low MP3 sound compression... think about it. Just a great submision!


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Aug 15, 2006
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