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:: Edit: Oh Snap! Front Page and these awesome awards! TY a lot! The final update was made already, all the fonts/text errors where fixed in March.

This Collab is about the internet forces of the ClockCrew combating the endless stream of faggotry that comes in the form of a rip-off group originally started as a joke by BananaClock.... The LockLegion.

Featuring members that simply rejects of the ClockCrew or former disgruntled members, it is the dystopia of the ClockCrew.

This collaberation started by Ex-SharinganClock / Ex-ParappaClock (also called Sonucais at NG) features some well known CC members and some new members who are learning flash themselves. We hope you enjoy it.

StopAllSounds Propaganda Short was made by StrangeClock. Sharingan's latest part were a tribute to Nightmare City, flash animations that inspired him to organize this awesome collab. This description was realised by BlackMagic.




Didn't make a whole lot of sense to me but the animation and music more than made up for the randomness. Oh yeah and a little thing called Clock Flash Animations! Everyone astounding! Everyone Unique!

Happy Clock Day!

Sonucais responds:

Happy Clock Day to you TOO!!

Lol what a blatant lie BookerT7

not bad...but the BookerT7 guys needs to stop posting this unrelated Shit i mean no one falls for it

Sonucais responds:



Now this is a clock movie, unllike the others that mean nothing and have poor grammar and sounds etc etc.. This movie I believe is the best clock movie in history. If you guys continue to make movies LIKE this one then i won't be so upset with clocks. But when they're just either one frame or lots of flashing lights and so random, then expect me to rate very low. Keep making flashes like this and i won't hate on you clock people anymore =) GREAT JOB, BRAVO, Excellent FLASH!!!


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Sonucais responds:



I was looking forward to seeing a Clock Day entry from the Clock Crew itself (yes I know it's been here for awhile, but I didn't really examine the front page very carefully). This was awesome. Happy Clock (yester)Day!!!

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Sonucais responds:


That's a damn fine movie.

Sa-weet. The animation is incredible. This is the reason that the Clock Crew is so damn successful....because they have some of the most talented animators to ever grace NG.

Sonucais responds:

Not rly. The clockcrew have lots of noobs :(

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Aug 15, 2006
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