Lord of the Clocks pt. 1b

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Happy Clock Day!

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This is the second half of part 1 (of movie 1, Fellowship of the Vote). With the voices of INSULINPUMPCLOCK, GRANDFATHERCLOCK, and BIBLO plus myself.

Pause by clicking the bottom right of the screen or hitting spacebar (note: since some scenes contain Movie Clips within Movie Clips, parts may continue to play, but this won't affect the rest of the movie when resuming play).


Holy shit

Fucking awesome, THE BEST clock movie I have seen.

First off, the storyline, so simple yet so brilliant and humerous the art was spectacular for the average clock crew member, but clearly you are not.

Continue this please. 10/10


this was awesome! also, i liked the, "you cannot kill strawberry clock. bitch." even though you made the voices monotone on purpose, i think that you still should have made it with a bit more emotion. still, it rocked!

StrangeClock responds:

You meant to put this review on Clock War III! Don't forget to review that still, it was probably the best Clock movie this year.

Fantastic work! Great for LOTR fans!

I have to say im very pleased with this. Im a huge LOTR fan and read the books every year and the movies are seen in my house frequently, so I will give this my official LOTR fan stamp of approval. Loved it and I look forward to the rest of the LOTR movies being set into this format. :)

A moment of glory to salvage...

Wow, firstly, congrats for shooting to the top of the All-time chart eventhough it may be shortlived.

The reenactment graphics was good. I'm impressed. However, because u follow suit the way the clock movies talks, it lacked the key ingredient- emotions. The voice was completely mono-toned. It also gave me the feeling that epidsode was rushed into completion.

But keep working, LOTR rules!

Great job once again!

First of all, to me it was worth watching it just for the Shire theme. I LOVE that violine tune ^_^
Second, this is a very cool translation of the movie to the newgrounds universe! The animation was wonderful, the voice acting was great and the idea is extremely cute! A definate 5 (the one vote shall not have power over me! >=) )
p.s. Vioilence 1 cos Pinedalf hit Applwise with his staff ;-)

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4.13 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2006
9:02 PM EDT