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Well, this is my submission for Clock Day '06. I threw it together at the last minute because I wasn't able to finish the movie I actually wanted to submit today in time. Enjoy it, and happy Clock Day everyone.

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Very nice clock flash,quite random and very enjoyable and a great addition to Clock Day 2006.


"this is turdworth mcfatshitface" lmao that was not a bad flash

I'm going to hold that against you

lol, I had the best role in the whole movie. Thanks for including me, I really appeciate the airtime :)

Well done!

HAHAHA! Sir Turdsworth McShitface is an awesome addition, though that poor clock is failing english for sure ;). Well done. I got a great laugh out of this submission. 4/5.

P.S. What got Lotus so interested in fecal matter? That might be an interesting video...

LotusClock responds:

Thanks. I hope ZidaneX won't hold it against me for giving him that role.

I don't think LotusClock's that much into scat. He was merely having fun messing up CoalClock's education. Maybe since he's a plant-type clock, he feeds on fertilizer or something. Who knows.


That was pretty funny, happy Clockday to you!

LotusClock responds:

Hello FluxCapacitor. Have a happy Clock Day, too. :)