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The Ethics Of CDay Voting

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I'm sorry.

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No need to be sorry.

This was 100% fact and truth how the way voting goes on Clock Day and i liked how it was brought up in the flash,great speech on it and way to go. =)

I am an E

As the main spokesman for the Dragons & Spirits I am always an E.

I urge all Dragons & Spirits to be E's

However, there is no use trying to criticise the F's as long as you have the outspoken policy of fifen to all movies with clocks in.
You, as a perceptive person, know that clocks are not really that numerous or powerful- despite B- you rely on the stat whores assuming you guys will all fifen on Clock day.

I saw this on Clock day and I thought it was very perceptive and well put together. Today I have just seen your new one and I enjoyed that too- you will see my little review.

For what it is worth I will remain an E, so you can expect me to protect any of your movies of the same quality you have so far produced.
Best Wishes,
IceDragon of the Dragons & Spirits

BinaryClock responds:

I respect your opinion but feel that your review was rather wordy and boring, now matter how correct it was.

Thanks for the asdf.

I am an E

I was about to exit and fifen, but I thought I'd wait a few seconds. This was actually very good. Good sound quality, considering it's less than 1 MB, so fast loading time.


BinaryClock responds:

Heh. I wondered how much the fake start would backfire. Thanks for watching through the end.

(PS Try 32kbps for good sound quality)

good message

yep its a shame but i think clock day actually hurts the clock crew. although what the clock crew produces is usually good the pricks ridin this day to get there stuff submitted is ruining the good reputation of the clock crew and guys i just wanna say im sorry but believe me im blamming as much of that shit as i can :D

BinaryClock responds:

Thanks for watching


First off I'd like to point out that I'm not a part of the crew, just a fan. People think that just because you have the word clock in your name that you are a member or wannabe pretender. Second, you're completely right about how complete shit gets passed through the portal just because of clock day. 5/5

BinaryClock responds:

I love you already. If you are in fact joining the ClockCrew, keep in mind that the name NuclearWarheadClock is pretty much taken. Check out the Clockopedia at clockcrew.net for other potential names.