Clock Day '06: The 'B'ee

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[UPDATE 8/18] Preloader changed to Clock Day 2006 Preloader for the love of every Clock. Also tweaked the credits as I forgot dear sister Grace.

Happy Clock Day 2006! Five years of B and us Clocks are still ticking! <3

A 'B'ee is sighted in Clockville! Will it live long? What would Strawberry's reaction be? Will this 'B'ee determine the fate of Clocktopia?

There are three easter eggs hidden in this movie; can you find them?

This movie should have taken a month but I worked every weekend from (Singapore Time GMT+8) 10am to 11pm (13 hours!) and every weekday from 2pm to 10pm (8 hours!), cramming it into only one week of work.



Heyhey,second time I'm reviewing this flash.
Not bad work though.....You redrawn Boltclock too...

~Ways To Improve~
Ah shit.
You saw my last review and have already redrawn Boltclock.....
Oh,the ending sounds better too but the colours don't suit the

~Extra Comments~
Flash work by NCH?

Till next time man,

BoltClock responds:

Yeah, just search authors for NCH.

The redrawn BoltClock will be on my upcoming adventure game :)

I redrew BoltClock early last month...

The explosion was a half brainer.

Anyway you shouldn't be using multiple accounts to review one flash since extra reviews may get deleted, and I dunno what'll happen next, yeah.

Thanks for the... extra review.

Not bad say......

~Good News~
Nice animation & sound man....
BoltClock wasn't drawn that well though......

~Bad News~
The ending wasn't very smooth so improve the sound at the last part.....

~Extra Comments~
Sia lah!
I didn't know we singaporeans can make such good flashes....

Good luck with work man,

BoltClock responds:

DUDE! Thanks for the review!

Well, for better Singaporean work check out the Flash work by NCH!

Yes, I entirely redrew BoltClock after this movie :D

Anyway, thanks for the review, you on sia! *coughsinglishcough*


Awsome! I'm in teh credits sweet!

the animation was kickass. Actually very good in a pool of crap(the portal)!

You rule!

BoltClock responds:

Cool, you reviewed.

peekaboo ~

awwe suan liao. credit dun hav me. suan liao.

whu is d wan whu support u n say gambateh to u almost every single day?

n wut u giv her in return? watch tis play tat doenst hav her name in credit T___T heart broken liao leh me. sighs.

aniwaes. great job daniel =)

BoltClock responds:

I'll fix that mistake my dear. I wanted to include you but it slipped my mind.

Thanks for your comment. 10's and 5's :O <3

OMG, great job!

I have one short word... WOW! That came a long way from when you showed me last! It looks fantastic! The score you have aint bad either ;) (I fived! w00t!)
I dont really know squat about the CC, but I assume 'B' has something to do with it :P I found this movie funny, and fun to watch.
OMG, I SAW MY NAME IN THE CREDITS! I'd like to thank all the little people who helped me get to this point. lol (joking) this is (that I know of) the first time I was in the credits without actually working on it! w00t! It's a big day for me! lol

Congratulations, good job, and a score well earned :D Have fun with your success!!!

BoltClock responds:

Thank you and I love you for:

- Teh fifen.
- My score ain't bad o.O It's true :)
- "funny, and fun to watch" <3
- Your support.
- Everything else.

Happy Clock Day <3

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4.21 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2006
6:28 PM EDT
Comedy - Original