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We Love Waterman

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just a fan film to show how much we love waterman and the clock crew. w00t111!!!!11

music by the pillows!!!!

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In the words of Krusty the Clown....

What the hell was that? Is this supposed to be a tribute becuase I-I don't fucking understand whas going on.



you dont love water man u suck!!

if you dont like waterman then ur a gay assed piece of fuckin shiT!!!!!


of corsue no one will read this since its 1 year later but.......are you trying to say that waterman sucks? or trying to prove that he's awesome?..... i just don't get it.


Simply brilliant! Hahahahaha!


IceCreamGirlClock responds:

Way to proove how much of a n00b you is! i hate you and you stupid Family-Guy-rip-off of a cartoon. Have fun in n00b land, and tell the wife n00b and kids n00bs i said "take it on back cause it ain't what I'M SELLING!"
p.s. Halo 3 2 was stupid, but "Halo 3 2 2 Halo 4 the Movie part 2 Halo 5 the movie: final conflict" is going to rock, but only because of that Dan Rowe guy, because he is the pwnxorz. peace. out.
p.p.s. tell Mr. Nielson that there a new boss dawg in town, sice you're soooo in love with him. PWN'd j'yah!!!!!!!