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Hey Tom, thanks for the Frontpage! ^_^

In order to pay a hefty Clockification fee, Mahjong ventures to the icy Blammer's Bluff mines in the hopes of striking it rich. These are his adventures. Happy Clock Day '06!


This is both my Newgrounds and Clock Crew debut. After learning and practicing Flash for about a year, I finally feel that I have produced something worthy of The Portal. Of course, there is plenty of room for me to improve. If you'd like to leave a comment with tips, and constructive critism, I encourage you to do so. Thanks!

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Very nice

This was very nice, also great opening scene, i was very impressed with this from the start to the finish but especially loved the smooth art look, anyways great job.

Nice smooth art here


Good full length clock flash.

That was quite enjoyable and good too see a varity of things in the flash and Strawberry Clock was an ass (though a funny one) in this as well,overall great stuff. =)


^^Good Points^^
Definitely one of the better Clock Day movies right here. The storyline is very cool because it takes an abstract concept of becoming a clock and putting it into a Flash movie in a strange way that most people have never imagined. The storyline was wonderful, I especially like how you added lots of stuff that didn't really compliment the storyline, like Clock Trek. Also, the way you used real voices and speakonia was cool.

^^Needs Improving^^
This went a little bit slow for my likings. It was a long movie, I just feel that it could have been shorter and still had the same effect.


This movie is gold! Very well done! Keep it up!


I started to watch with high hopes but was really disappointed.
The ending really sucked, but that might just be because I'm not a taser fan. But I have to say you did a nice job with MS Sam.