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The Under Appreciated

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Author Comments

Hello and Happy ClockDay 2006!

As the popularity of the ClockCrew increases Insulinpump, Sam Fisher, and Roman Collar's popularity is decreasing. After stumbling upon a document to grant them one request from the king they set out on a journey to become the most popular clocks in the ClockCrew!

- Other Comments -

For about one year now I have been planning this movie. Not to my full potential, but certainly thinking it through. When I joined the crew, I saw insulinpump's movies, and I couldn't get enough of them. I very much looked up to him, and even now I do. More about the movie many of these ideas and events in the movie Bluebomber Clock, SilverWolf, and I thought of over the past year. Some are from our actual lives. Originally this was going to be only starring Insulinpump, but Sam Fisher and Roman Collar need some spotlight for their wonderful animations as well, but following this I plan to take each main character and spin off into they're own movie from the events of this one. Just incase your wondering about the "My Pants" thing you have a wiener in-between your pants [if you're a male] so it makes the perfect joke for a hotdog stand. Due to the file size there was a lot of stuff I didn't get to add, but make sure to stay tuned for the next one!

You may be wondering why Bluebomber Clock gets a co-author. He helped out with ideas, scripting, and voices so I gifted him with it. Art and animation done by SherClockHolmes.

Movie Stats: Run Time: 804.4 Seconds / approximately 13 Minutes
Fps: 24
Symbols in library: 189
Animating Time: Approximately 2-3 Months

Any concerns? Contact me on aim @ SherClock Holmes

StrawberryClock is King of The Portal!

Ps. Good luck to Roman Collar Clock where ever you may be, and I hope you get a chance to watch this!


a true way to do clock day

cool film it give hope to all the under dogs of the clock crew

SherClockHolmes responds:


Very good!

One of the funiest videos EVER!!! A very smart film!

The hot dog scene was the best!

Where do you come up with this stuff?


SherClockHolmes responds:

As said in the author comments this stuff was compiled over a year from real life events.

Im sorry that it took me this long! =(

hey guys! THAT WAS A VERY VERY AWESOE FILM! it was funny and long, and it was Genius... And i liked the Talk about Me! =D

Im sorry that i couldnt review this, but clockday was pretty hectic.

but now im able to review. and give you 5's and 10's

I hope you had a swell Clockday!


Your Pal


SherClockHolmes responds:

Much thanks <3 For a little inside info the letter will do much more than talk about you in the future!

Man that Antiraz...

Is he a really clockcrew member? Anyways this flash was hilarious especially that part when those gay clocks were trying to seduce Sam Fisher clock.

SherClockHolmes responds:

Apparently he is. Glad you like it!


pretty funny nightmare clock was freddy krueger...

SherClockHolmes responds:

I guess he looks like him. Thanks for reviewing anyways.

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Credits & Info

4.17 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2006
11:33 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody