De la Terre a la Lune

August 15, 2006 –
March 3, 2010
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Author Comments

A bit of character background might explain a few smaller details.

The blonde raccoon girl is a budding explorer who obsesses over fantasies of wealth.
The brown-haired dog she kidnaps is her unwilling boyfriend.
The blue-haired husky girl is a clueless friend roped into helping and the red squirrel girl is an angry emo who hates everything and everyone.

My first attempt at a full Flash cartoon and my third Flash project altogether


i kinda like the silent type comedy and stuff mostly your geting a good rating on the art work and the general idea

Good artwork, good music...but lots of missing information. Why are they furries? Couldn't they be anything, including humans, and still get the message across? Why are they going to the moon? ...or space? Not really sure what the goal was in this animation or even what reason they had for wanting to acheive that goal. To be quite frank, it left me confused. The artwork makes it all worth it though.

very nice, lot of stuff getting owned in there. nice work, great animation, nice characters. But why racoons? lol

Hehe very well done. Nice art. Extreme well done first attempt imo ;)

Did... Did you just hit my spaceship O_o;


I love it man and the music realy adds a nice touch.
Very nice

Why not stick with a lead pipe to knock someone out. . . Good animation, though a bit confusing for someone with an iq of mine

The animation was really good
bravo !!!

FURIES! (^._.^)

i agree with DoctorCRaZ

Pretty sick animation, but try and have the animals match up with the personality

make another!!!

your work with these creatures is very promising nice artwork lovely plot i don't know much on jules vern.

Loved the animation, and the story line, the ending was sad though :(

Very Nice!! Good work!

Funny, good anamation, and graphics= Awsome!

Very nice animation good story and funny ending 10/10.

Came for the Rockoons, stayed for everything else. You do very good work here on NG. If you don't have a sequel to this I highly suggest making one. The music and animation works very well, no use mucking it up with voice acting in this piece.

Yes, I'm attempting to flash vicariously through you since I have no skill :)

its awsome but not funny its adventure

pretty good animation

super nice

lol he was sitting there with his psp


nice animations but lac of good storyline

i just had to give you a 10. hopefully you will understand why i gave you a 10. great animation, a french title, music that fits the movie.

hehe keep up the good work.

i put 5 stars but i think its really 100/5 it was cool good job dud

it reminds me of an old cartoon... only with color

im a music buff and i think your good at making free rock shows sorry if u misunderstood me in the rockons review

They hoped that if they got up early they're wouldn't be any traffic.

what more can i say? you are freaking awesome. oh, and for the fur haters, kiss my tail. XD

nice but..

..there were yiffs in it so it wa bad

If this is your first attempt... it's AWESOME!!
no effects or voices? WHO CARES?
Keep going!

its like one of those old hanna-barbera musical cartoons. deserves no less than 9 at least

A great story to keep follow with. I was quite entertaned by that film good job!

very entertaining, and keeps the watcher enthralled with the music you picked as well as the goofy animations. but all in all a great furry themed flash animation.

simple story line but kept me to the very end! verry nice animation! I want to see more!!!

that... was... AWSOME!

It was adorable... But I didn't rly get it, probably because I've never read the book :/

The animation is jolty, though do to animations natural dificulty level, is well above par. The music was also well chosen to fit this, however:
The story makes little to no sence, litle being with the text explanation under the authors coments, and none being, well just watching it. also any editor or prop maker would tell you that an airproof seal is needed to fire something from any firearm.
Though the plot of the story is hardly clear, you where able to succesfuly convey a couple of humorous portions such as the end satalite crash and hitting the alien shuttle, but then again adding a gummy worm to a turd won't make me want to eat it. However, if you use the turd as fertilizer and grow wheat from it, I will eat the bread.

(This is a metaphore for, get better writing and you'll be good)

its just awesome. i like the blue haired husky girl the most. The clueless one is always the best.(even if they dont say anything.)


Cool I liked it good job. good story like plot. even though it was short I could see you put alot of thought into it. =) Keep up the good work

Moral: don't screw with U.S. space equipment... it'll get ya!

Très Bon! XD

Oui mes amis, c'est du Français!!!!
Great! XD

Yes my friends, it's french!!!!!

10 ot o 10 U ROC A ART MAKIN FUNY 2. I hope ta c another. U ROOOOOOOOOOC.

very good art. very good story. very good theme. a little bit funny. i give you a nine.

really good.

good story and design.

it was very cool

you are my every thing you could have me any time any where you restore my hope in man kind and you smell fantastic the reason jesus died is so that you could make this cartoon for me to watch in my apartment in the dark all alone with wet socks on

Good theme you put on, Plot line, and it great humor. I love it when fly out, over it, and then good old Earth Gravity pull ya back after switch force turn back down. So what ya said Earth Gravity? Cause ya did something in process and end up follow back. lol Keep it up the great work. Furry forever!

aue CRAP!!! this is so ausome its hard to discribe (or understand).

ya for yiff ^_^

That was awesome, great animation nad story! 5/5

This is a very good flash. I have seen it many times, but the part i find most interesting, is that the "assistant" is unwilling at first, but doesnt care once the rocket is in flight. I still think you deserve much more credit then you have for it, but you have my respect.. and that is very hard to come by..

I always loved the ancient movie you based this on, and I think you did a great job with this. Also, I see now that you have more of an obsession with raccons than previously suspected. Well done man.

I Love it! XD

The animation was top notch and fit well to the music that was chosen. It was also very silly and cartoonish, which for me was very entertaining.

Charicter are kinda creepy. But good story and the animation was pretty nice

well...i dont know the point in capturing the sleeper...but i have to say these furrys look cute...only thing is why that other one have to die...i mean what that one do wrong haha!

Love you animation style, lack of voices got you down one point, but excellent, loved the furrys. :]

Good animation.

Too furry.

wow,my first comment.

RATE IT PLEASE!!!!!!!!!(:

very well made, cute, funny, loved it!

Animation, I can't wait til I make my first flash. Kudos to you. that was some great artwork =] in animation

Great animation, I manly loved the bit where he's playing his PSP, thats what i would of done...if i wasn't dead from the lack of air, immence G-forces or just plain insanity after seeing the moon had a face.

crazy racoon,bear thing. wierd cat chic..total awesomess

I dont see any mild adult themes or mild text/violence.... unless you counted hitting the moons eye as violence.

"Yes even you, you annoying rodent who lives next door plotting to get the money.
what are u willing to do?
kill you boyfriend to get it?!"
^.- kinda weird but still a good flash(especially for ur first cartoon O_O)
and i rly liked it, keep up the good work :P

I jus' duno

i love it

It's awesome, just AWESOME...

dude, as your first flash movie it's amazing... I mean, look at MY first flash, it's crap =)

I can't get enough of ya... it was really your first "cartoon"? wow... it's very professionally done and I'm serious. It has a lot of imagination and charm.
It's simply wonderful.

I said that cuz well they landed in Uk.. so..

Anyway, past the awkward silence. This was a very great animation. It is well worth a look.

@ DoomSquirel: Yes, 'De la Terre a la Lune' means 'From the Earth to the Moon'.

and nice how u still kill 1 at the very ending ^^

This has been one of the finest flash animations I have had the pleasure of watching. It was cute, excellent music choice and very, very well synced. For one of your first attempt at a full flash cartoon (as well as it only being your third flash project) it is fantastic!

does the title mean "From the Earth to the Moon"?

absolutely great. ive never known such a skilled artist, everything was perfectly synced. BRAVO!

great work!

i just LOVE your Work. You are the best !!!

Poor dog....squished...lol

lol psp

alex ur a bit cocky im an artist myself and any piece of art can say as much or as little about the person who made it as that person wants it to and lack of strong male character.. im a male i always draw furry girls so by ur logic im a girl and also.. lets see u do a better job..

One of the best videos I've ever seen.

Good episode.

Cool animation. Not the first time I've seen it, but I hadn't realized Cerberus was on Newgrounds until now.

And for the last couple posters,
the artist is from the UK (as are these characters), but he's a college aged guy. (and he's been posting art of these characters, an a few others online, for at least the last 6 years)

I gotta admire the drawing and animation skills.Not many people can make so much in in a flash XD

It kinda transmits a warming feeling,wee!! XP

To AlexLima(loser,noob):

What is a strong male character? Rambo? please! What are you,a gaybear or something to have bald naked hulky machos laping dance around everywhere? If theres no such a "strong makle character",is because the person who imagine it that way is strong and confident enough to put such "strong" male characters.

How do you know he landed it in Britain? It looked Mexico to me.And everybody has its favorite furry animal. Mines are Foxes,but I like cats a lot.

The immaturity of what? if you want such serious flashes,go search David Firth. You will recieve a good dose of reality there.

And youre doing this,because you lack the balls to accept who you are,and you want attention and sound mature because in real life,almost nobody gives you attention.

And I dont need to met you to see youre quite a jackass.


I hope you still make furry flash the way you did with this video,kamerad. ^^

(and I dont care if this comment is blammed or its rated "useless". All I want is to make justice to this flash.)

Judging by the lack of a strong male character, im gona guess ur a girl, and probably a young one. The space ship took off and landed in Britain so i'm guessing you live there, but you weren't born there. You were probably born and raised in France. The personification of the animal characters tells me you're a pet person, probably dogs and not cats, judging by the cat ears on the aliens. The overall immaturity of the animation also tells to your youth, but the chloroform reference indicates that you watch more adult movies/shows, or read more adult books. Why am i doing this, to show how easy it is to determine quite personal facts about someone you've never met with something as simple as their first animation.


Furries, rockets, and humor...yep, can't get better than that!

Hell yeah furries. It was great animation, good syncing with music, and a good story. Added to my favs!

as borat would say VERRRY NICE !

i loved it

I FREAKIN LOVED IT!!!!!11!!ONEONEONE. This was great the furries r cute the overall animation is great it was funny and i would love to be thethe explorers unwiling boyfriend this was great!!!!

Great animation!

that was awesome. luv the aliens!

it's so cute will u be making more

at first i thought they were foxes

I like wolfas flashes, and that's good. I like graphics the best here)))

Wow ferry enjoyable i liked it alot and i loved that even the alens were furry XP ferry funny aswell.

One of my favorites!

that look like very smooth animated..... way awesome!!!!!!!

loved the character animaton and the music fitted so well! that was hella tyt

That was Awesome! their is only on thing to say... YOU ROCK!!!

You are such an amasing artist I cant draw furries have as good as you but I love furries :3

I love furries and this was really well drawn and animated. Really pretty graphics and OMG Furries rule!!

Very nice movie. Excelent animation and great music. =)

injoyed it a lot nice art work and a bit of comadey too Arsome

A good movie for a person who likes average comedy. The artwork was very good though.

I think I love all of your submissions. Especially this one :)

I like how you integrated the humanlike animals into the movie, whilst still following the book by Jules Verne. The way you timed the music--a superior performance all the way!

i think the carecters were wolves but i feel bad for the one guy who got squashed

Your stuff is great and one thing that even krinkels and chlauid (the Gods of Flash) could learn from you. Not to make things lag, no matter the ammount of stuff happeningat once.

I could go on listing positive attributes, but above all they are original, and that's what I love about them the most!

I LOVE FROM THE MOON TO THE EARTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 999999999999999999999999999999%!!!!!!


I remember this from your pictures!

Nice little twist :D

I really wasn't expecting an ending like that lol. Totally caught me off guard. Great pictures and very smooth animation. Loved it bro.

very good animation i wish i could draw good but o well every ones got one or more talents right?

This author is one of mu favourites on NG. Hi's talented and he has a lot of fantastic ideas. I can't find or indicate nothing similat to this movie. Please try to watch it with low mode of graphic. In my opinion nn this way this film looks better.
It's a "must-watch" film. For free, thanks to NG:)

Anyone who has been involved with a girl like this can only laugh. Lol. Nice work.

Yet again, you've stunned my senses into believing new realities are reachable through the realm of animation. I was not sure how good this would be, since you said it was "My first attempt...and my third [Flash project] altogether," but, I'll never doubt you again.

This was absolutely amazing. I was unaware that this sort of thing was possible with 2D animation.

Everything was great; the animation = top notch; sound effect/music = great for theme (fit the bill nicely); characters = stylized and sexy (thanks for making furries...furries = hawt).

If you don't go professional with this, I'll never forgive you. Talent like this should not be wasted making animations for a site like this. You need to start making movies with this talent, and getting paid.

This is to good very very professional

Whoa I honestly without no doubt think that this flash Is truly like revolutionary for Ng flash movies Ever! I swear I've could've sworn you have kind of broughten up the return of golden age animation to Newgrounds. Your really should be working for some company because I definately see that you would be going places with that kind of professionalism!
Please continue some of that awesome work! :)

The name of the flash hurts my brain!!!!=( ^.^
5/5 and 10/10 as usual!

Very nice animation, love you style.

You are truely a genius with nut munchers my friend

It was hilariously funny i liked the part when he was playing his psp when she saw the moon lol funny great art work and great flash pure 10/10 great job ^_^.

I love furries xO So 10 por vous =P

Awww, they are so cute! That's amazing, great job.

I have to agree that was incredibly well made! I liked it!

It was okay I guess, just kidding it was perfect!

how did you do the drawing so good!? that was the best thing out of ALL of this site i`ve seen! great job!

funny and fuzzy

Best thing ive seen so far!!!

Wow, this was amazing. I love the FIRE box tricking me into thinking it's a button. I shall chloroform a sleeping person now...

Yay 2d animation! This really feels like it touches on good old cartoon roots, with the anthropomorphic moon among other situational gags. Keep animating, it's good stuff!

is very good and funny but some short -.-" see u later

Beautifully done, hilarious punchline. I LOVE it.

aside fom being completely unrealistic about space travel, I loved it. please make more furry aniations

Very nice piece of work... keep up them coming

Very good job, keep up the good work.

... But well worth a watch, well done.

As I said......It deserves to be...................................
..............................No other comments ^^

Funny! Love your works man!

That was amazing!! This is a very good cartoon! I loved the music too... in fact, the whole thing reminds me of the old school ones, where there wasn't any sound, just the score, and it kind of moves the whole thing along... kind of like the score is the sound, you know?

Very good, keep it the fuck up!
El Texinator

I liked this keep up the good work. It had some fun to it, very well animated. 5/5

Wait, what?

Your quality is very high!!! WOW!!! You're making me type with lots of exclamation marks!!!

You did very good matching the music with the action. It worked!

That's a very good start! Keep improving (or at least stay at this level in quality) and you will be popular in no time. Furries or not.

I liked the little in-joke with the aliens BTW ;)

I know this Artic Fox she would love to mate, I mean meet.

WOOT!!! This was so incredible! You even used my favorite form of suppression; anesthetics! (the chloroform) Though I prefer using a syringe..... But this was so great, smooth animation and realistic facial expressions plus cutie furry people makes awesome furry flash. 5/5

That was really good. The animation was very tight and smooth. You also made me care about the little furry people and want to know what happened to them next. Good show :)

Bias furry vote! Actually it was pretty good, no need to be a fur to like it... but that doesn't mean you've escaped the inevitable tail rape! :D

hehehe we furs will start our furry invasion onto newgrounds XD fear us for we are cute and furry!

That was a very well drawn cartoon, backed with an original plot, and unqiue charaters (being that it is rare to see "furries" anywhere around newgrounds)

Nice music too, it went with the movie well.

Loved it when I first saw it on Fur Affinity, love it now.

Good work. Great animation!

i love iy plz make more ur good at this and if u make more i can see u being famus and mite be on the newgrounds feterd list and get good reviews and stuff so plz make more and ceep up the good work

The BGM went pretty well with it and the animation wasn't half bad. Sure wish they'd make more furry movies though. :/

well drawn. Actions always speak better than words. This video didn't need voices at all.

I liked it. Great animation, and with animals. I liked it.

Are you an furry artist?
Then you should come and check out Furaffinity.net

i agree ^^; lil stalkery. good work on the flash ^^

yeah..... i liked it a lot. it's just like me and my buddies in real life. only.... we're human and stuff.... but we did try to build a rocket to the moon once. only we didn't make it past the chimmney of my 2 story house. yeah... gasoline is NOT a substitute for rocket full when the rocket is wooden....

anyone else think that last reviewer sounded a little stalkerish? maybe? just a little? no? just me? ok then.... *breathes deep* this is awkward....

I've been a fan of your art for a long time and nearly had a heart attack when I found your stuff here. >.>

It was in interesting movie.. Cute, too. Whatever you're doing, DON'T stop. The only problem I could actually point out is the loading screen. I hate to be the one who points this out (or has someone already pointed it out already?), but the loading screen lacked some sort of progress bar. (I don't know how hard doing one is though, I don't have Flash. :) ) Other then that, the movie was great! 9/10!

im simply awe

Yay they did it! *BANG* that was the funny part i liked the cat alein people too

I like the ending, pretty ironic.

This animation was just perfectly beautiful in every way! Not to mention really funny. Keep up the good work! ^^

Please, for the love of god teach me how to draw. I love your art, the music went so well, and the characters were amazing. Even the aliens had cute ears!!! You seriously are talented beyond belief. =^.^=

GOOD: Well animated, great graphics, good choice of music, alright humour, need I say more?

BAD: None


OVERALL: You did a great job here. I especially liked how it was animated.

WOW... I haven't felt so much sympathy for a furred character since my early childhood watching Disney's movies...

dontcha just love the furry way of drawing! ^^

really good, quite funny and well animated. maybe needs to be a bit longer, speach was quite rightly not added, goodgood.

kinda confused as to what the plan was though!!!

Sweet! Furries are cool!

This is almost perfect.. still I'd like to give you a 10. I am totally in love with your characters' style. Totally awesome!

this is the best flash i have ever seen! pleasw add my e-mail we have alot to talk about!>.< it: alymae_ingles at hotmail dot com

Interesting, very interesting. Kinda funny....... but it needs some violence added into the mix. You might want to try to start a line of flash movies! This is a great idea and you should be proud of your work!!!!!!

I really liked it. The music and the animation was great. The only thing, that I'd change was, that I'd rather put real humans in the animation. I know... a stupid remark, but whatever :)

I loved this because it goes so well with the comics you made. Keep up the good work!

I agree with that last guy about using the animals in another clip. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK :)

I really liked the characters, you should include them in another flash. You did a really good job on this and I want to see more.

I actually felt like I was in that damn rocket with them. Good work, man!

Your art is unbeliveable, truly.

and after reading some other reviews ive learned that you have a site, could you tell me what/where it is??????????????

btw its french :)

De la terre a le lune means from the earth to the moon
then i noticed the the money in the newspaper scene the money
was in pounds...any way i liked the PSP scene and the fox dude
getting hit by that space thingy.

Excellent movie - I was checking if you had other movies here after "Raiders" and Im glad I found this. Great story, charming characters and action.

About the only thing you need to work on is your character animation of bodies. Your's are very stiff and robotic looking.

holy crap i have to say i am very VERY impressed the music stays in pefrict sync with the flash it self and well just wow i am looking forward to many more of your future flashes


Just have to say, loved 'em both, great job!

Awsome to see you have gotten into flash I love your online art. Great movie by the way

so very funny in a very english way
i love you!

also your animating style is so cool
it's exactly how i want my flash animations to look like!

yup, another sweet little flash. dunno how you do it, but your stuff has style.

Very well done man. I might add Im a huge fan of the comic series on macrophile and might I suggest bringing Snow into the the flash. Any ways beutifull work man.

Is the title ..From the Earth to the Moon??

Great luved it rawked my Sawks

this was a funny and cute little movie,especially the check list:"steal accomplice" lol good stuff

even though i didn't think it was really that funny (being on the funny page), I thought that was a pretty good movie.

Hey, that was pretty good. No voice acting...just music...oh well. The graphics were good, presentation was nice, and style was great. Overall, this turned out to be an extremely solid piece of work.

again mate, wow! you see, i saw your other flash, raiders of the trash, and i thought it was amazing, this is jsut the same. ;-)


actully kinda amazed you didnt win any award for this... well its good stuff going staight to my favorite list!

Awesome job with this animation. It didn't need voices to it, I understood the whole movie. Were those aliens cats though? haha. Anyway, keep up the good work. I found this really entertaining :]

First I'm not gonna even touch the furry issue as it seems to mean different things to different people here and frankly I'm starting to think it's the internet version of homophobics.

Getting onto the animation itself this is a little lacking in story but that's because this whole movie comes kinda more accross as a showcase of what you can do then anything else.

Not sure what else to say here really, kinda reminds me of the voiceless 'shoo fly' animation, relying completly on character design and the fluidness of the animation, only this is not as simple with it's story telling as that. A awesome job done here but the storys possibly too complex for a movie with no dialoge...

Great job on the choice of soundtrack and fantastic animation! Great expressions there :) Top work

The reason I gave the violence a 5 was because the guy got smashed at the end. One of the most impressive flashes I've seen yet. I look forward to more! ^_^ The moon part reminded me of E.T. and I laughed when I saw the guy in the back seat was just playing his PSP.

if this was your first attempt at a full flash then i cant wait for more. The audio was right in sync with the visual which is key for any good flash, the characters were well done and it made me laugh. great job. It would be cool to go more in depth into the characters instead of the squirrel pop out of no where. Anyways excellent job keep on truckin!

lol good work cerb, ive seen the art that inspired this and this is even more halarious then the sketches.
keep up the good work!

well cerb, good work. i am a big fan of anthropomorphic work (for you simpletons, furry characters!), and this is by no means least one of the best pieces of flash i have seen on the portal. Its just like a jules vene story! hey you gotta make more, especially in this series!

I really like Cerbs work, he is very funny if you ask me, a great artist and it's nice as even his web site says to see some furry art out there that is not all about yiffing, one of my favorit things about how he made cerb die lol, I was think OMG he lived for a change! then he was crushed to death lol. The music was cheesy but perfect at the same time, and as always Rachel was her normal self ^^ ohh and for anyone who wants to know the back story on cerbs chars go to his web site, that is errm not posted here, and new grounds wount let me post it, so errm yeah just hope he posts it some time soon then ^^;; but yeah, the flash rocked, great animation, can't wait to see more in the future keep up the great work man ^^

you are by far the best furry artest ive ver seen! 10's all around! and for those who couldent tell whether a charecter was male or female, just read the author comment.

Great work on letting the music do the talking for the cartoon. Feels like a colorized old movie

I must say.. htis would have to be on fo the best furry flashes i have seen so far and im porud thta people like you have the gutz to go out there and prove to people like us that they are still can be like us in are personalities anjd are ways of life and I will be looking forward for more of your great work!! and could someone plx refresh my memory what cerberus website was? I would love to read more about his charecters he had used in here. anwayz man keep up the good work!!

I loved the way you did the flash in sync with the music (which was an excellent choice). You said it was your first go at a proper flash movie and they say you can only get better? I would love to see what you can produce if that is true!

Keep it up.

that was great,from loading screen to end.
music was an EXCELLENT coice!!! blend perfectly with the action, and characters... very nice...only one negative thing... my favourite list is allready too big(long), but still enough place for that

:P That was excellent and I loved it! I have to read that... whatever it is... Because that makes me want to!
The characters were great and the music suits it perfectly, and I loved the humour and espically the brown-haird dog! =3

I loved the way you drew it and wished there was more!

Very well done. Oh yeah. this is Cheeseboat.

but for your first flash, it kicked ass. I really liked it. I hope to see another on from you. And the PSP was a great touch.

Sure it may be short, but the animation is too good for anything below a 9/10. Besides, we need more furry animation. If not to set a place for us furries on Newgrounds, then to break the awful negative sterotypes attached to us.


"OMG TEH FURREEZ NOES!" pretty much sums up anything below a 7.

Excellent animation. Infrequent, but well done humor. The music was kinda bland, but bearable. Voice acting, imo, would have ruined it.

You furries sure are an odd bunch, but be damned if I don't like ya. :D

Nice graphics and coloring for the characters. Nice storyline, although borrowed. But, all around good movie, we really need more furry movies here of this quality :D.

It was.. furry. And I saw no sex. Brilliant! Well animated, and.. good (borrowed) storyline?

The Music was a little cheesy, but it was nicely drawn and your good at animating. I think that if you animate the backstory instead of saying it in your description would be way better though because some people do not read the descriptions if they are long.

I'm a big fan of anthros and furres. This was funny! Mostly to part at the end ^_~ Poor puppy..

Good job! Great fun to watch this movie. Appreciate your efforts. Thank you!

This flash is original, well animated, funny and thought provoking. Anyone who thinks otherwise is either retarded or has something against furries. The only problem with it was that it was kinda strange at times.

Nice movie, the newspaper was nasty, I like that style. But it's based on a deaf (to anyone reading this review, not author, i said deaf, thing that can't hear anything, if you are brazilian or just dumb, deaf is not dead) movie with some music effects. But it's not a rip-off, only because you changed ending, characters and it's color, not like the original movie. Everyone who has fish lips, looks like brown bread and talks portuguese, would say "Well you rip-off the joke, must vote zero, i'm a brainless brazilian(but who ever in Brazil had a brain)." I really like rip-offs, but good quality, and your flash is the good one. MUST VOTE 5

Cerberus, You Impressed me with this flash
I enjoyed your work, especially your macro fur art
Keep up the good work! :3

LOL thats nice sound was great and its good comercial for PSP :D
the end was the best

That was awsome. I loved the choice of music, it was a perfect match. As for those who say they hate this movie...screw you. I thought the furries added a good touch. The only thing you should change is the girls. It took me three time to figure out they were girls. Either give them better breasts or add eyelashes or something. Other than that, it rocked.

nicely done! The music fitted well with the movie and it was wonderfully animated! YAY!

music went so well with this animation. this definately deserves front page.

Full of ideas, creative but small plot, beautiful editing and animation!

This is Great Work that i'm proud of...

I'm a fan of the comics, and I love this movie! I was amazed at how good it was. Hope to see more!

No matter if they are furries or not, I have to give this a high score. Everything seemed to be pretty well done and this is a cute fliq. Good job.

Ive seen your comics and well now I am hoping you convert your whole series into a flash film. Keep up the great work.

A little confusing in plot. And I would have liked to have seen this longer, but good none-the-less. You should be proud of your animation and style. Try another one with voice acting?

Why is it that so many furry artists make their female characters look like dudes? It seems like the only people who get furries right are the anime people.

Good job with this, woulda been nice to have voices, but we can't have everything in life. lol the moon lost his eye OH NOES!!!11!. This seemed like a pre/sequal to something, like its a part of a story... Oh well, great job, hope to see more like this!

Hey, that was a pretty nice little short skit. I liked that you were able to throw in the E.T. reference. :) Keep it up, looking forward to more.

I reallly liked this movie it was great and funny and teh furry...hehe...great work on it...hope to see more

Heheh. 'Twas pretty kewl. Your art style pwns. =D

I didn't have time to click the link at the end of the flash, since it was there for just a second or two, and I'm too lazy to right now... plus its 1 in the morning D=

I want to see more stuff of your style =0

But it was a well-done cartoon.

Well done version of a classic story, spot on humor, and a great art style. You have managed to make the perfect cartoon.

*scoff* Kids these days: don't know their classics. The film really brought back memories of watching all those early sci-fi's years ago: De la Terre a la Lune, Voyage to the Center of the Earth, Fantastic Voyage. Now I realize how cheesy they were. Anyways, congrats on doing it justice. Really well done.

You sir, are an amazing animator. I think you should disregard the last reviewer; he doesn't know what he's talking about :P.

Your flash touched an emotional spot for me. I don't know why her boyfriend was unwilling! If I found a girl like that, I wouldn't let her go!! Excellent work!

Well, there's no doubt that you're great at graphics, the story was ehh... "cute" for lack of a better word, but the thing that bothered me the most was that the Female Raccoon looked like a Guy, at least to me. If you have to, make the chest a little larger, or slim the face a bit to add more of a feminine look. Or you could slim the waist down a bit also. Otherwise it was great.

Great job with the music score as well as all the graphics and animation and whatnot. Little touches like the rotating cannon are key, and it made this an excellent flash. Hope so see more in the future. Bravo!

you just have to love flash that has a cartoony style like this.

this is great work hope there is more where this came from. can't wait!!!!!!!!!!:)

you do good work, both moving and still

This was definately good! Heh and btw, ive read your profile. I find it funny where you describe youself as " another one of those creepy furries, unfortunately..." Hah! Dont worry mate, im sure that more and more people will get used to furries, they dont bother me tho XD Take Wonchop for example, hes a furry... even tho he denies that ^_^; But hes funny as hell. I dont get it why people have to act like shitbags and start ignoring or blamming flashworks of someone, just because he/she likes furry stuff. And there are like millions of teens worldwide lovin girls because theyre dressed up like cats -_-

I like your original artwork, excellent! No doubt that many of you furries are gifted artists, ive seen lots of them. And i liked this one too! Keep it up ^_^

I Don't understand why jules Vernes Named this De la Terre à La Lune, it shouls be De la Terre à la Lune à la Terre

sry, just a personnal thought i made, im bilingual(fra,eng)
so if theres anything u guys would like me to translate just PM me


lol nice

Nice nice nice. I do enjoy a good furry animation. I think you did a great job. The music lined up great with the animation. Anyway I don't care what anyone thinks you get a A++++++. : D

As a fan of furry flashes, I thought this was very well done. I only wish I could do one as grand as this. :) Keep up the great work, and look forward to future flashes.

Well done in every way. I bow to you.

Sniffles, I miss Space Mountain Paris v1 :(

Nothing else to say but a job well done, the graphics, the sound, the music, the character, the setting. Colorful and bright as so many flashes don't have now and day. This in my opinion is now quite a benchmark for future flashes to come. Again, this is a masterpiece in many ways!

(also how did this turn into a discussion about psp vs. ds.... it doesn't matter.... counsles are better and don't need batteries (also i had my psp run and play games non stop to test the battery life cause i have no life..... and it lasted like hmmm 12 hours for me lol... (also i do own a DS as well.... but i play the psp more and use it more than my DS)))

Yeah, I know this was based on an early work of Science fiction, so alot of the laws of nature can be thrown out the window.. I do think however, the biggest piece of sci-fi was the idea that a PSP's battery life could last the length of the feature. (as any PSP owner could attest to, they have a 4 hour battery life, compaired to 12 of the much better selling DS-lite)

anyhow, the cartoon was alright, Im not sure why the modern furry setting is mashed in jules vern era steam punk, they don't mesh well.. the animaiton was fine, if inconsistant at times. but a desent work all around.

Cut it out with the furry jabs. I dislike people who rate something in a negative fashion because of their own idiotic bigotry. It's like people negatively rating things because there are gays in there, or blacks or anything else people enjoy hating for no real reason =/ Rate it bad if it sucks, not because of your own personal discrimination.

I don't think there are enough furry flashes and I am glad to see new ones coming to light. I thought this was a rather good flash, and a step towards more focus on the fandom. I may not be a hardcore furry, but I do enjoy the artwork.

Thanks for putting it out there.

didn't know ou were on newgrounds, cerb, but it's nice to see this animated ^-^

We need more like this! Wonderful animation, great choice of music, funny and furry! (always a bonus :P)

Seriously though, You were one of the last people I'd expect to see on newgrounds, let alone get a frontpage.

Your webcomic also makes me lol.

lol, i thought there was only 1 girl (the one that looked angy trying to take the control ting out from the blue guy..i mean girl. the blue character and the main characters didn't look like girls to me, only looked like they have muscular chests. would have been better to atleast put some eye lashes on the side of their eye lids to let us know they're girls

That was a great animation. Kept the story simple. But the simplicity had a lot of charm to it.

To the last reviewer: Pointing out that you couldn't breathe in space, or that organisms wouldn't do to well with re-entering an atmosphere is a little ridiculous when we're talking about a story where human-acting animals build a rocket to shoot ones-self into space, during which they meet aliens, crash a satellite of out orbit, and smash out one of the man on the moon's eyes.

I think we can be quite forgiving when we are talking about re-entering an atmosphere, and breathing in space...

It's sort of like telling J.K. Rowling that, though her books we're better than a lot of the crap that's out there, she forgot that magic isn't possible, and that motorcycles can't fly.

A great flash, there are not enough furry flashs out there I think and your style is amazing. I'm going to make sure I keep track of what you do.

Long live furries.

I don't like the whole, 'animals with human characteristics' thing, that's sort of annoying. Animation was good of course, music was awexome as well. I guess the only problem i had with this was the animals thing :)

Wow, the ending was great. You got 5 auto points for the furries XD Very nice though, the music was not my favorite stuff, nor was the theme, but that would be rude of me to dock points, so I didn't :) I hope you expand on this and use more furries! Good job!

- Burning

you have to make more of these, is it really your first attempt?because it was really good.The graphics(especially the graphics) ,the story of the movie,and the characters were all good.This indeed deserve to be on the front page.On another note you should give bios on the chars too,you know? gives a name next time and stuff.Anyways keep up the good work,make more!

That was awsome...
The entire thing was funny, especially the look on the aliens' faces and the blueprints...
My only suggestion, give the characters names, and make more...

lol its funny how he all ways ends up killed. Anyway great flash and all that :)

I really enjoyed this, don't be so harsh to furry movies, although they are a bit strange sometimes they are so cute and the facial expressions in this one blew me away. Extremely well done. From the earth to the moon, lol, yeah, I know french biotch! ^_- I anticipate your next movie and I put this one in my favourites. Well done!

You amaze me. This was the best flash I've ever seen! (No really, Brackenwood gets kinda overrated when its huge fanbase votes it up, and brings everthing else down) Too bad you posted this on Clock Day. That's probably why nobody got Daily awards that day. (Well, you'll definitely get the Weekly Award and Best of August)

Graphics: Well done hand drawn graphics- Awesome.

Style: A good mix of tweening and FBF-Awesome.

Sound: Great quality sound, properly synchronized, it 'sounds' powerful and energetic, and perfectly suits the cartoon- Awesome.

Violence: You crushed a dog- Awesome.

Interactivity: You have a 'play' button- however, you had a 'replay' button that wasn't of any use as the movie looped before anyone could click that button. (It does work, though)

Humor: The newspaper article, blueprints, and that green sheet of paper were pretty funny if you slowed down to take a good look at them. But what I found most funny was that split second 'What th-" look at the alien's faces.

Congratulations on the getting into the Top 50!

This is the kind of flash I come on Newgrounds to see! Light, funny, creative, and clever, with well-done art and decent animation.

And please, those whining about them not being able to breathe in space: they're cartoon raccoons (or whatever), the moon had an animated cartoon face, they zipped by a UFO, survived re-entry without incinerating, and they'd pull something like 10,000 Gs if launched from a 30-foot cannon at escape velocity.. This is obviously just a goofy little gag riff that has nothing to do with 'reality.' Why are you worried about them not having space suits?

to a job well done. Great animation, quality storyline, and good humor. Overall a pretty darned good peice of work.

I liked the last scene where that satellite they hit falls on that one dude. That's what got a 5 for Violence. Great Flash overall.

very nice movie but i dont get it, how they could fly in space without anything to protect them? and why the fur of them did move? there is no wind or air in space, and also they couldnt fly back to earth like that since there is no gravity in space, but anyway nice job, best graphics and blablabla

i liked it. the co-pilot didn't seem to excited heh. anyway keep up the good work and i'll continue to watch

Good art, good audio, interesting take on a classic story. I thought you did a great job on your art & perspectives, but thought the actual animation ov character movement was a bit lacking & that cost you some overall points; but still a great job! I thought the PSP bit was funy, and the ending (I won't give it away) was funny too. Even though I rated this an 8 overall, I gave you a vote of 5. I hope to see more from you in the future. Regards, ZB.

Great animation, even though the frame by frame wasn't exactly as much fps as the flash was, but I can see you do the same thing with flash as you can do with your artwork. Great job :D

Those damn furries forgot that organisms can't breath in space! Or the fact flesh isn't very good at resisting an atmosphere!

But better then most crap, so all 10s :0

This short brought a smile to my face and I will admit that I chuckled for a while afterwards. All in all very well done and very amusing. A+

My only suggestion would be to start puttin eye lashes on your female characters because i didn't notice the first raccoon was a girl until I saw her chest. Other than that it was nicely done and thought out and the music went along nicely with it. Keep it up.

Who needs it, when the story can be told through a few props, the characters' facial expressions and the action itself? Nice timing throughout, good art style, appropriately-lively musical score... the whole thing works pretty well. Looking forwards to seeing more from you!

My god I never woulda....well actually you mighta, but you made a flash and submitted it Newgrounds!

Great stuff, and good animation! Mindless

Congrats on your Flash project, it turned out well! Sorry we don't talk much, I'm probly as busy as you are... maybe less.

Oh yea, btw, this is Tarns.

HAha. I actually recognized this a rade-A cerb just by your style, even before I saw your name. I've seen you other places. Unspeakable places. Places too unmentionable for this post. But a nice piece of work none-the-less.

Especially the 'coons. Great animation and use expressions. Rather funny with the aliens and the moon and whatnot. Keep 'em comin' and ill keep praising.

That was very good artwork! Nice timing to the soundtrack! Very good with using expressions and emotions instead of words. A little hard to figure out who the characters are without reading the comments, but thats about it! Love to see more!

Very good. Loved the "all-action-no-speaky" style. Very good animation, moved smoothly. I recommend you watch this :).

This was a nice flash and now i expect more to come from you.

I have to admit this is one heck of a flash and I can easily say I'm hoping for more. It really is impressive and has a nice choise of music, too. Wish'n ya luck.

even if it is not well done loved your animation, very true to your comic, (well gallery) in terms of your characters, keep it up im sure your next one will be just as "BIG" ;-).

Furry's in space? Nice....Very well put together. Brilliant music too.

good flow, good animation, good music, good feel.

only thing that bothered me was that you couldn't tell the difference between who was the boy and the girl. Everyone had wide shoulders and stout jaw line with some sort of mullets going on.

A cartoon drawing is to simplify yet exaggerate the character's attributes so that they'll be easy to identify.

please make the female character's body features more feminine. it can be done wihout ruining the character.

overall, nice job.

How lucky for me, this is the first I've logged onto Newgrounds in a month, and there I see Nikita on the first page.

And for awhile I was unhappy that there weren't any new pages coming up on Not Big and Not Funny, but now it's all good. The cartoon was awesome. Never die, Cerberus.

all i would add, are some voices, but that might ruin the feeling of the movie. I voted 5...

YAY, lol

That was absolutely brilliant artwork. I haven't seen so very many other flashes with matching graphical style. And to top it off; It's all in the furry fandom.

But say, the characters looked awfully familiar... This scientist lady looked like someone I know, and the guy who got stolen into the rocket looked familiar as well...

I've been a big fan of your art work and have been watching your work for a long time as part of the Furr Fandom. I'm proud and glad to see you expanding your amazing work. For a first flash, this is trully great.

Keep up with your fantastic work,

- Xesacra

great flash to start with. the sound was awesome, the story was alittle corny =P but hey thats Jules Vern lol anyway cant wait to see more from you on the portal. take it easy ^.^

Cerb it's me Sirus, I didn't know you had a newgrounds account...oh yeah review.

I love the movie, it's freaking funny. keep up the good work

this is a refreshing flash on newgrounds! <3 nice!

good job =3 I would tell somthing bad but I didn't really see any soo sph...

ha ha bravo bravo belicimo im a fan of classic science fiction but this it had a new age a spin to it simply put youre a geinius

Beautiful is all I can say. Okay, maybe not, but still.. The music was perfect, the animation was fluid, and the detail was exceptional. All this and it's your first flash. You're on my watch list. Great Job.

Cool movie and plenty of action! I was amused at the part when the brother pulled out a PSP waiting for arrival at the moon.

very good and the fact that this is ur first flash u psted on newgrounds it was pretty amazing

the animation on this was awesome. The sound and storyline were great too. lol i wonder what the hell those aliens were thinking hahaha. BTW, what is the name of the background music?

The drawings, animation and smoothness is REALLY good man, you should be really proud of this Flash being the first one you sent in! VERY promising, be sure to make more Flash like this, it was really great. I think I liked the start and ending best, but all of it is awesome!

I found the furries seckseh!

This flash strangely reminds me of the old Warner Bros. cartoons. Smooth animations, great work for a first try.
Im not quite fold of furries, but you still get a 5 from me.

I'm amazed how well this came out, with this being your first time animating stuff. ^_^

If only I could do something like that... its truly amazing!

i hope yull do more of yur comic strips and maby with a little voice activity next time haha

But I'm only giving you a four because of the furries. Jeez, I hate them.

cool! i rly liked it and i think you should make more animations. if ya did then GOOD i shall hunt them down and WATCH THEM BWAHAHA great job person!!!

and to Leon_RookZ: You are a fucking idiot. Where the hell in this movie do you see one ounce of yiff? Idiot.

anyways, great job, animation as good, good tunes. :D

I love your art and im acctually glad to see it in a flash movie! Great affects too! You seem to be verry accomplished at flash! Great Job! Keep up the good work.

Personally i hate all the furry crap, to me it is some sort of beastiallity related perversion this generation adopted!

Maybe just people who loved sonic the hedgehog a little too much? Either way you made a good animation! So even if I didnt like the furries I did like the art! Good work!

good flash I liked it a lot can't wait to see more from you. Well if you make anymore. But again very good job.

Everything was perfect. The ending was the best.

Even without any dialogue, this has amazingly good graphics and style, and the music is spot-on and suits the subject perfectly. I think a little more should have happened on the moon, but still, it was great. Good job.

its amusing...i like the style mostly...the music was beautifully syncd with the animation...for some reason it reminds me of superman music

This is one of the best animations I have seen lately. It was timed perfectly with the music and the animation style just plain rocked.

I didn't approve of a few words located on one of the plan blueprints early on in the movie. I think that the movie quality was good, but unless my eyes deceive me, those hidden words at the beginning were very out of place. Hopefully I just misread, but I don't think I did...luckily the scene is over very quickly.

Besides that one qualm, it is a great animation, a very kid-friendly style and all that. Were it not for those hidden words, it'd be a great kids' flash.

Like no doubt it was some damn fine flash animation but the whole thing like from the start was really kiddy. Very imaginative but just a little too childish. If I can suggest anything to help you out it would be to watch Dendyn Dynasties.

Otherwise that was great. How the music synched, (I think that'[s how you spell it) was especially great. Smooth animations. This was great. I'd like to see more.

I enjoyed this immensly. Everything, from the smooth animation, to how the animation coincided with the music...lovely. Truly, a nice piece of work. I wouldn't necessarily call it funny, although I did laugh; I would call it...something. I can't quite label it, but I certainly enjoyed it. Keep up the good work.

Wow, this was a fantastic movie! The animation was solid, the storyline was within the music. I dont give a shit if it was "furry" or whatever bullshit. This is a top quality flash, and should be on the front page, regardless of art style used. I wish you luck on more animations.

Nice graphics and style, fitting music. And i always did like the "with a cannon to the moon"- story.

So, very nice work. Could have been a daily winner, if there was not clockday.

Well I do enjoy seeing the true old school form of cartoons. No talking just music and what the fuck is going on. This was funny at some points and i like how it was made. Its a good idea to make and to be honest, i think a sequal could be made. I know i like to see one or these characters in something else. And to the last person before me, i got nothing with furries. I love em!

this is a pretty good animation. unfortunately you posted it on clock day :(

This is toned down comparing with your other work I seen. Not bad, but I was half expecting some growth scenes, that on my part.

To those who don't like furries, you all suck.

Amazing work Cerb! Sorry I didn't post sooner, I wasn't sure if it was actualy you or if someone had jacked your vid.

Love the music, and you got all the characters' personalities down in the short time you had them on screen. Love seeing your stuff come to life! I realy truly hope to see more stuff from you! :)

You even get a 10 in interactivity...and I have no idea why ;3

Also to PatriotClock:
Yeah see funny thing about that...there was not the slightest bit of nudity in it. Thus not yiff. Thanks for screwing with the dictionary.

Oh my god, that was *so* cute! ^_^ Very, *very*, VERY well-done - by all means, keep it up! ^_^

Excellent work, Cerb! I've always been a fan of your art (You twisted little individual <3), and it's greta to see you bringing it into flash. This definatly helped clear up a few thing I must've missed in the comic strips. Keep up the great work.

That was very nice. I love movies like this, but it would have been better with voices. I can't wait to see what you'll do next time.

i came across cerb and the gang about a year ago, lost the internet for about a month, and lost the URL for your comic please please please tell me what it is, id really like to catch up on what the gangs been up to recently

You're really hitting the ground running with this movie!

What can I say? It's all great. The theme is so fun and joyous; the environments are all so lush and colourful; the animation is so charming and expertly done; the story is hilarious (especially the end); the character designs, although kind of plain, are fantastic; and the score, while a bit cheesy, really evokes the triumph and wonder of "From the Earth to the Moon". It also sounds really, really familiar, but it fits so well I'd have thought you composed it yourself!

"This is my first Flash" is something you rarely want to see in the movie description, but when the film is this amazing, it's all the more so when you know that this is only the author's first attempt. I can tell already that you're going to be a wonderful animator!

...your comic.

very nice, very true to the comic

Totally lush! amazing! loved it all!

I seriously wish I could make flash this good (or, at all, for that matter)

I had dreams of becoming the greatest furry flash artist on Newgrounds, STOP CRUSHING MY DREAMS!!! =D

If I could give it an 11/10 I would

Awesome work! Dont mind some people that think pyhsics has anything to do with cartoons or a stupid play button and by the way I believe the play button was the launch button, same difference. Anywhos, keep it up!

Guess you havent been to Disneyland Paris yet.
this is a "tribute" sorta to The Spacemountain.

Nice style, Great characters, Keep making this stuff:)

Very impressive. Liked the Furry Characters and the basic, but brilliantly executed plot.
Me liky very much.


I enjoy your style of artwork and animation. I like your original characters and their personalities. With that I forgive your unrealistic physics (their heads didn't explode in space) and minor flash problems (no play button). I also enjoyed your choice of music. It seemed appropriate. You have a lot of potential, man. I hope to see a lot more from you. Great job.

Considering I'm a huge fan of your artwork, i think you did very well on this... it's nice to see some familiar characters and an all too familiar plot be takne to the animated level ^_^

This reminded me of 1902's "A Trip to the Moon", one of the first real films.

I suppose that's because they were based off the same thing. That, and the whole moon having a face thing. I remember watching a very similar reel in my animation class~

Either way, it was a very great film, and I can appreciate the music sync.

Yep, tis good :) Probably the only flash that gets close to being a movie...I recon you would be a good director or something..You ever thought about that? Nice flash btw.

That was, well.... Nicely Done. :) Sorry I dont know what to say...

Come on people! This is an excellent animation! You don't need voices for a flash to be good! This was fluid, fast-paced and well done. The facial expressions were priceless, because you had the characters and plot explained beforehand it didn't confuse me in the slightest and so allowed me to fully enjoy your flash.

Idea's for the future:

1. .....err I do believe that I have no real criticism for your flash...The characters were well drawn, the music went with the flash well for it's "adventure theme" and there was humour in it as well...ehh...uhh..*searches for something to whinge about* Maybe you could uhh...make it longer? Or was it supposed to be a short? If so then dam.

I look forward to any future projects! You have my vote and good luck!


...great (ran out of space =^.^=). You had me laughing when she "stole" her partner, and in the grips of suspense when the cannon fired. The style was great and very unique (was it based on the x-prize?). The music was perfectly blended with the animation and (I believe) eliminated the need for speech. Part of this was due to your obvious talent for expressions and body language. The actual graphics where simply amazing. I loved every minute of the movie and hope to see much more as the talented furry animators are too few and far between.

Tail High!

PS, what becomes of the dog, is he now a pancake?

This is like the furry/anthro version of wallace and gromit, with a soundtrack done by John Williams. Spectacular FLASH, excellent animation.

have you ever been to Disneyland in Paris?? your movie really reminded me of the Space mountain... the cannon looks like it, and if i'm right it's the same music.. in other words it's great.. now the other novels by Jules Verne, I hope we'll be hearing a lot more from you

That was one heck of a Animation. THe style was awesome, the graphics amazing and smooth. Although you could have added a little more emotion to the faces of the charatcers. Also it was too short >.<
But, that was still very nice. Keep up the good work!

same thing to the guy that commented just before me

I simply can't put into words how much im in awe... since the fox and the mirror, this is by far the very best furry animation i have ever seen, not only on newgrounds, but on the whole internet itself.

And again my dream of creating the best hand drawn furry animation slips away a little more. *sigh* i hardly believe i will ever make it. whatever.... i loved it

I like how used used furries as chacters, I like the choice of music, I like the PG sense of humor, more flash animations need to be more like this.

Short, funny and ... Hilariousssssssss...... xD
was this taken from a comic or what?
i have seen ehm let´s see... 48 Comics on the internet but i haven´t seen this one on the web anywhere?
anywhere on the internet i can find this comic?

That was awesome! I love how it copied off your comic. The choice of music was great! No character voices was good but, as future advice, I'd like to hear what Cerb sounds like. The squashing is Cerb at the end was good, though I think it could have been more graphic >=3 Afterall, in your pictures, he tends to be squished everywhere. Great work. Looking forward to seeing more from you!

I love your art, and great movie!

Ive seen your site, the artwork here seemed very clean to me, smooth animation and nice character styles

And, while I'm no furry myself, I too make stories with animals as the characters. I actually find it more difficult for some reason to write about men and women, while male and female creatures, even highly anthropomorphised, are easier to deal with. Maybe it's that one feels less guilty about doing bad things to them for the sake of plot development.

..Nice Graphics and Style. wasn't really feeling the back to the future type music or what ever. My only gripe is Whats the deal with these furries? I mean which ones r the male and female? Or is it true that most Furries chr have more suga in their tank then soda has? Whats the deal with the bra style tank tops?

This was great, I could tell you put work into it. I wish I could draw like that on my falsh animations. All 5's. ^_^

That was a really well animated cartoon but it wasn't all that funny or nething. There wasn't any need for a script and i think you made the right decision on that :P!

cool but next time put in speech its not that hard all you have to do is make a script and get people to say the script for you but still great job its tons better than the last one i reviewed

OMG! It's Cerberus! I know Cerberus from...well... other things... Awesome Job dude ^_^

The mild sense of creativity is the only downfall, that and the satalite crushing her boyfriend...

DUDE JUST DUDE U NO DUDE U GOTTA DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAKE MORE dude......dudette maybe?

That was great! Just work on your fire animation

This is your first attempt at a flash toon Im looking forward to more. You just need dialogue and more story. I love the furries as well keep em coming man.

Personally I thought it was great, keep up your drawing skills and animation works! I enjoyed this one, I just hope it doesn't get score nuked because of it's anthromorphics ><

nice animation dude! but....i thouht it was going to be in french.
kinda think of it...all we see is just english flashes and games...
i hope that even if the flash is in another language...that we could see it at NG...i hope that you did'nt had to translate it in english...

wutaver..keep up the good work! (hope that the next ones would be longer..or ave people talkin :) )

ps. im not a frenchy..im canadien..-_-

that was kickass cant wait for it to continue 5/5

Awesome art and animation . I really enjoyed this flash

A really pretty flash movie! Well go on, that's cool!
It's a very nice and amusing variation on the book of Jules Verne.
The only thing i can reproach is that kind of furry characters. They're a bit common. But it's my taste, not much.
And a last point, go on improving your drawing skills.
But Remember, you did a pretty good job! Congratz again!

A clean furry flash on ng? Tisk tisk tisk...

You got mad skills for drawing (reminds me sabrina-online) but sadly the audio ruins the rest of the flash , only a random orcherstra tune for audio content isn't enough , I understand you might have difficulties to find voice actors and such , so I won't annoy you with that part much , just keep working , you're a great artist and a great animator.

This is a very well done flash movie. The animation is very smooth and I encourage you to make more.(So plz do)

pretty dam good liked the flash was done well looked good and sounds where fine could mabye have used voices but they would have to be really good ones so pretty dam good

Now here's what you do:
You delete this movie and then you submit it again in some days, couse this will never get discovered as it is clock day today... You were very unlucky...

Anyway good movie and all...!


This is going to remain an undiscovered gem, as you submitted on Clock Day.

more yiffy

brillent some voices would be nice though

Please make more of these. There are not enough good anthro artist on newgrounds. Sadly this will not get the attention it deserves because today is fucking clock day. I hate those clocks so much.

I really loved this piece. The antics were really well drawn out and the story was pretty easy to follow since your direction flowed pretty well. I take it we will be seeing more from this and I hope so since you are a well veteraned animator. Thank you for submitting this wonderful piece.

Very nice graphics, good music, humor, keep up the good work!

You really have talent. Hopefully more cartoons such as these will come. The graphics are absolutely phenomenal. Great job!! I really enjoyed watching this.


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4.31 / 5.00