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Clayland - Clock Day

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**Heh, I dunno how the hell this got such an awesome score, but you know what they-or I say about clock day; It's a film maker's goldmine!

Happy Clock Day everyone! I hope the clock crew likes the first ever Clock Day claymation in clock history!

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Good addition.

Nice to see a claymation clock day flash and a really well made one too,good job. =)


my great and almighty race has taken over OBAY SBC

4 future reference...

Apple clock is green. And do you have allergies or something? That guy was way too nasally.

TechFlash responds:

I dunno, i whipped this up in about 3 hours anyway

Its pretty good but...

Isn't Apple Clock Green? I remember there was one called Red Apple Clock.

TechFlash responds:

I pretty much just assumed that Apple Clock was red, i didn't know there were two seperate ones.

Interesting Claymation.... like Wallace and Gromit

Nice animation on this Clock Day Submission, you did very well with the Speakonia voice acting on the Clay StrawberryClock, ClayBlobClock, and AppleClock. How did you make the clay models for the clocks that appear in this film? And where did you film this at? And how long did this take to animate? Anyway, nice job on the animation on this film. See you next Clock Day for your Pt. 2!!!!!!!!!!!

TechFlash responds:

Thanks. To make the clay models, all I did was take a few blobs of red clay, make and squish some white circles, make a few green dots, and then add them all together. I filmed it in my room, on my black table. And it took about 2 days to animate, and 1 day to edit.