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Edit (Again): Wow, made front page, thanks guys XD

Edit: Fuck yeah!! Front page of the Clock Day 06 Collection XD

Happy Clock Day!!

*Flash 8 Required*

This is my pro-clock flash for clock day and it explains what happens to newgrounds when the clock crew unleashes an invincible onslaught of clock movies all at once. For you Clocks the good shit happens toward the end of scene 2. Voice acting is done by myself and dusty_gorilla. and he and i came up with the story, so have fun and enjoy my clock day flash. Oh yea, if you're wondering where tom and wade fulp are, they are on vacation XD.

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good work

You are great person but your flash animation needs some work. Still at least you wern't like the other clock day movies, putting on 3 seconds of crap and hoping you get voted 5.

You are what I call an ametur, you seem to know how to master the flash waves but can't master it yet.

Sort your animation out and sort out your sound, when you were doing the voices, I could hear the background, sort it out and I will be happy. Oh last thing, if you need to improve your sound make sure you but some more better quality speakers. BbBbBbbBb

fadedshadow responds:

thanks for the advice but i try to do no-budget movies lol. But i'll try to improve on the sounds and such.

Not bad

It was good for a clockmovie cuz i am not interested in that clock movies games etc but it was good.

fadedshadow responds:

as long as you say its good, then its all good XD


Im really not that much of a fan of clock flashwork. Some i guess make me chuckle but thats about it. this really well.....sucked, the mouth were constantly moving even when the person only said a few lines. The slow talking dude really annoyed me. i guess you were trying to be funny with the whole hampster being squashed but no. Better luck next time i guess.

fadedshadow responds:

well first, i'm not a clock, i just wanted to do a clock day flash. And second, yea i will improve the lip syncing in the next one.


another reason why i'm getting flash
happy clockday man

fadedshadow responds:

glad i inspired it


Okay, so I open this up, and I only usually come on newgrounds for a laugh these days, or if i'm really bored, and I watch some of these cc movies. And i open this, whats the first thing I hear, FRANK FUCKIN' ZAPPA! So this movie automatically is the best.

fadedshadow responds:

Frank Zappa is the best!