Tails and his GBA 4

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Tails shows Sonic his special GBA, hilarity ensues.


yay rupee and strawberry clock!

u guys are awesome, i luv dis random stuff, u and strawberry clock are tha masters, and another thing, on tails and his gba 3, u said u werent gonna make another one, whats up with tha? but yea iits a great submission

P.S: I voted 5

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PirateClock responds:

Authors GreyClock
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OK for CC

This didn't really have anything to do with Sonic and that stuff, so I think the title's misleading, but if I look at the actual content I think this was actually quite good.

Graphics: Yeah, I'm no flash-maker, so my overall opinion on this part doesn't really matter, but I think it fell into a large range. Some parts were quite messy and disjointed, but other parts were well thought out and quite enjoyable to watch (not the scrotums, I don't really like THAT kind of humor).

Style: If I am to be honest, Clock crew submissions usually get bad karma from me because of sheer lack of preperation and/or skill, but this is one of the better CC submissions I've seen. It does have a good variety of clips, and I do usually like random clips.

Sound: A good choice of music which was suitable for the clips.

Violence: Well, it had an explosion, and somebody got eaten.

Interactivity: Well, it had a play button, I hinestly can't rate it higher than 1 for just a play button, but that's just my review rules.

Humor: It was quite funny at points, though I did try to not to join the gay side and stare at the many scrotums in it (hard as it may be to resist). Also there were other bits, but I'd be wasting your time to go through each one.I understand that the naming of this was probably an attempt to get views, and I do think that was quite funny.

Overall: Very good for a CC flash.

P.S. You can choose to ignore my views, as I have little more expertice at flash than drawing the odd stick man at school.

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PirateClock responds:

thank you


Why is it that so many people complain about this movie,
It was weird and it had flashing lights, it's still better than many other movies i've seen

PirateClock responds:

cause they were expecting an tails and sonic anal sex fest.

These fakes are starting to annoy me.

Seriously, my profile states that Tails and his GBA was one of the better Flash series to come out! But then this mockery of the series... I know I've got a noob account and my opinion probably means nothing to you, but I think I speak for at least 60% of the series' fans when I say, "Get Rupeeclock back in the director's chair!"

PirateClock responds:

RupeeClock called. he wants you to stop being a little furry faggot.

best surprise... that the RAB

OMG, i love flash like this, crazy, strange, i could never make anthing like that, i loved it... yes, i am a nut, ^-^....

PirateClock responds:

Keep you eyes out for part 2 then! <3

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4.04 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2006
8:39 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody