The CCs humble beginnings

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A BIG thanks to Tom Fulp, for the collection page update and the frontpage back on Clockday 06!
And finally, 25k views. :)

A special treat for you newgrounds viewers in the spirit of B's 5th birthday, I narrate a story about how the clockcrew began, filled with lies and inaccuracies! :D

Have fun watching this animation, and keep an eye out for the 5 easter eggs hidden within!

Also features a brief advertisement for our new music CD animated by StrangeClock.


Mad Respect

I really have to day that you, Rupee Clock, are my favourite of the clock crew. you don't just spam the portal with random shitty submissions, you make funny, well animated flashes that people can really enjoy, so thank you for not being a douche and for being awesome. Also, the clock crew voices are fucking hilarious

5/5 10/10


You make B look badass!!!!!

Easter egg

Woot treeclock!
I'm watching all clock vids, I've now watched B and this :3

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several years ago...

I hated the clock crew, based on the mindless spamming of the portal from some of the members. I then saw some of StrangeClock's well thought out animations, which is when I decided to keep my mind open. Then i decided to watch this flash and now i don't hate EVERY member of the Clock Crew now...

Oh yeah, and nice flash...

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Wow You really need to be around here.

I guess i have an idea of what the clock crew is.

I wish I was around for when all this happened.

P.S. Poor evil clock.

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3.92 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2006
8:20 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody