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CC - Mozilla Ep. 1

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Author Comments

Happy Clock Day all. Mozilla leaves home and winds up finding his true path in life...

YAY, 2/2 of my movies submitted to the CD 06 collection

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A total diss to the navy haha

Gotta love it and was quite unexpected,not that impressive of animation though but it's worth watching for a quick laugh.

FattyWhale responds:

thanks yo

all chu

+++ Ending made me chuckle.

+++ I like the fact that there's a Mozilla clock.

- Slightly overly basic and unstylish graphics for house/trees.

- In a way, I'm not sure the logo is great for a clock. Whereas the fruits and whatnot work as they've got a strong outline and simple texture, the detailed 'texture' of this kinda confuses the eye and doesn't allow it to rest on the clockface at firstglance.

- Confusing ending. Why'd he have to go into the navy bit? Did he suddenly lose his free will?

?? Maybe include subtitles? Voices were too quiet so had to restart and put on headphones.

++ Glad you didn't include the full song.

A small chuckle.

FattyWhale responds:

I guess he just wanted to join the navy

(( DECENT ))

Haha ok well after seeing the second and now this i actually like teh artwork in this one esoecialy the starting but this one does end short it did make me laugh it did make me laugh though, so nice job on this one.

Make it abit longer, more jokes would be fine aswell.

The first of the series decent animation could have more content though.


FattyWhale responds:

This was really my first full movie, and I was having lots of problems seems on everything, so I just got frustrated and ended it.


^What I liked^
Well I really like all clock movies, but this one wasn't to bad. A little short and I the firefox/modzilla clock would have been better drawn I think. But it had good ol' nextup voices (I think) which I love. Also the navy ending was hilarious!

^What Needs improving^
Well you could make them a little longer, and fix, or draw the clocks body. But that's all that I find needs improving.

It was a good Clock Crew flash, with a great ending. Good job.

FattyWhale responds:

I made this before I learned about a lot of more practical things I could have done to make this better. That's why the second one has much better graphics.



FattyWhale responds:


Credits & Info

3.67 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2006
7:16 AM EDT