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Comedy Night

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I felt so bad about not having a clockday movie, so i removed the one who didn't get attention, improved it a bit graphicly, etc. I tried to remove vBulletin for StrawberryClock but it simply wouldn't sync. So i left him there. Enjoy.

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To Ktechnologys:

Actually all Clocks speak through something called "Speaktonia". You can't talk shit about something you know nothing about, bitch.

lol why hate on Rupee clock?

A funny short i must say especially how it went down and was presented with the silly joke,i enjoyed it. :)


i hate people who slag off the clock crew, stop fucking fuleing negative fire! funny tho :D

loved it

i found it a very good flash loved the graphic and the beggining bit lol.

wtf is rong wit u

wot is rong with all u CLOCK people, ur so fukin sad its unbelevable, ND STOP FUKING USING THE MS TEXT TO SPEECH!!! go nd but a £5 microphone >:(, blam u all