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Memory of a King

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Much love to Possum Clock for submitting this for me!

Happy Clock Day everyone! I hope this movie fills you with the Clock Day spirit!
All is going well at Clocktopia's annual Clock Day BBQ, until a freak accident with a barbecue grill and a Jew leaves Strawberry Clock with no memory. It's the (forced) job of one clock to reacquaint the King of the Portal with his domain, however it won't be easy. One of the Clock Crew's evil enemies comes out to crush the weakened Clock once and for all. Will they survive? Will Strawberry get his memory back? And do you know what "Deus Ex Machina" is? Find out by watching, fewel!



this realy is a look back and the clock crew has changed so much in the last few years its uncanny from only about 20 horribly drawn fruits with clocks on them with a exilent flash record to what we see today... with all the spinn offs and crappy "clock" spammers out thar its amazing how far we've come and i still want to go back... man what is it with me and old stuff!

AnkhClock responds:

Horribly drawn?
HORRIBLY drawn?????
My good sir, the classic Clock .flas were the peak of art as we know it!
Apologize, sir!

Also thanks.


i liked this very much!

AnkhClock responds:

Of course you did!


you made a good movie!

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AnkhClock responds:



Wow, that was really cool.
It was amazing that you could see the clock crew in the future then make of flash out of it. The voices were really good as trying to make them seem old.

AnkhClock responds:

It wasn't the future, it was the present, though now it's the past because the future of that present is the present. Strawberry forgot what happened in the past (not the past present, but the past present's past) and had to be reminded of what was happening in the present (that present being in the past).


Its good, but there are a few tiny things that you could fix up to make it a whole lot better!

AnkhClock responds:

Yeah I kinda had to rush the end of it to get it done in time for Clock Day.

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4.22 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2006
12:56 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody