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I did this almost a month into flas didn't take that long.lemme know what you think this is my 3rd flash ever done!


What kinda Sh!t was that?

dude, I don't understand why you made this:

Graphics: Okay, you did put some effort into that, i guess

Style: No one one else could come up with this piece of crap

Sound: 0 (could of at least had screams or somethin lol)

Violence: Clock got shot, clock got a big chunk bitten out of it, so it was a little violent

Interactivty: That wouldnt have helped anyway

Humor: I laughed at how bad it was.

Overall: Basically an avg. but mostly because thats all its worth, not a "Zero" because honestly it wasn't THAT bad, it was bad, but there are a lot worse out there.

HoboPorn responds:

lol, this was 3rd flash ever done, not even a month into flash i'm making movies...or trying to, go play my 1 and only game or watch my other movies you'll see the difference in the graphics.

Again with the bad jokes about clocks

A bad piece of flash again. As far as I can see it's a bunch of clocks jumping around for a minute. And I know you'll say but it had a plot, but seriously. A clock pissed in a room, then got killed, became a pear and killed another clock. Not very interesting at all.

For the scoring:
4 graphics as this time they were ok, but just ok.
0 style because "whoopee, I can make another piece of nonsense about some stupid clocks".
0 sound because there wasn't any.
2 violence because an orange got shot.
0 interactivity as it was a bad movie
2 overall because I was kind enough to give you a mark for being able to draw.

Overall, another rubbish clock flash.

HoboPorn responds:

haha dude I made this flash 2 weeks into flash. Besides from your review I can tell you hate clocks just because it's a fad and you want to be diffrent or you're pissed you didn't think of it, try watching alot of clock flashes the original makers of clockcrew make unbelievable flahses!

And yes clocks are funny, you just have no sense of humor.

Nice flash.

that was a nice little flash, the graphix were aweson, and the slide-line went so smoothly. You are pretty good for a noob.

oh and btw, if you use windows, you can get natural sounds anywere with windows sound recorder, just mic the sound from any speaker, even though it will make the sound crappy, its 100%free, lol.

HoboPorn responds:

:o didn't know that, and thanks for the awsome review :D


Hay Hobo!

I thought your movie was going to be bad (for some reason) but it was actually quite good! The animation was smooth, I liked the shape morphing zombies and the violence was a nice and gory! The only thing that I had a problem with is that there was no sound, so maybe you might want to get some SFX, music, and some Speakonia voices (if there's any dialogue)! I also liked the digital clock that you put in the begining of the movie; I thought that was a nice touch and it adds to style...also needs a replay button. Another thing that amused me was the weird couch over in the background...wassup with that?! Overall it was a good clock movie and I think if you added sound and perhaps a story it would get a higher score!


HoboPorn responds:

Thanks I didn't care for sound in the movie because up until about 2 hourd ago I couldn't find a damn site that had any sounds I needed I checked flaskkit.com but that was shit...except the bouncing noises I needed that but thats it.

Next time add some sound, k?

BTW graphics were pretty good!

HoboPorn responds:

Thanks and until about an hour ago I couldn't find a single site with sounds I needed that wuld work well with this movie. Thansk for the review :D

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3.68 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2006
12:21 AM EDT
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