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[CC] Kikkoman's Clock Day

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Clock Day as celebrated by Kikkoman!

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This looked like it had potential to be a great movie. Sadly, it was too random, and was a bit too short. ;(

Did i miss something?

That didn't quite make any sense,it started out great but then ended in a big question mark. =(


You had so much going for you in this flash, I actually thought it was going to be something awesome. Alas, I ended up being quite disappointed by the random story jumps and the very abrupt ending. The graphics were actually very good, but they didn' tlast long enough for me to appriciate them. Try makign a full-length flash with this character, it'll do well.


awesome flash! Was i the one to introduce you to Kikkoman?


YES this is what im talkin about!!!!!! Thanks for voting, ForkClock!
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ConradB responds:

cool thx