Slug Smash!

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Smash up the slugs and dodge the explosive meteors! A simplistic arcade stress reliever/smash em up! I learnt a lot of actionscript from making this game, so my next one will be an improvement. If you finish the game you'll get a rank! Please leave a reveiw and thanks for playing.

- smashing the slugs dead bodies gets you points
- smashing their graves gets you points too
- the dinosaur kills DO add to your score
- staying in the centre is a sure way to get trapped in..


Great Game

Awesome game, i loved it. But if you could jump it would be much better and possibly easier for simpletons like myself to complete. :) But overall a great game

clap 4 u

well done man very offensive to big hairy purple things though.
racist arse hole. lol

!!!!!!!!!THAT ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG THAT ROCKED....man what are the songs from lvl 1 and 3 called and where can i get them

Extremely fun to play

When i reached level 7, ten slugs and four meteors spawn at the same time. i died instantly :/

Nonethless, it was a really fun game even though it's old. Jumping would be extremely useful in games like this. The graphics were nice and the ideas are creative. If there was a Slug Smash 2, i'll certainly be looking forward to play it.
I got a score of 9610! 10/10

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Greg !

Beautiful game , very enjoyable , and very good .
You're still my favourite animator =]
Keep up the good work Gregums !

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3.92 / 5.00

Aug 14, 2006
6:57 PM EDT
Action - Other